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Dreamtale Revamped is an altered version of the original story. Rather than a story about two brothers; It is a story about a war. Rather than the war being between humans and monsters, it is instead between Dreams and their Nightmarish reflections. This war's purpose is somewhat vague, however the story takes place during the war, as it escalates. It is also about the humans and normal monsters caught in the crossfire. Multiple planets across The Universe have been colonized in order to obtain more resources and metals, along with having certain positions.

This AU is made by Creator DarknessReaper9 and Co-Creator DevourerOfTheCosmos2.


Dream!Sans - Major

Dream!Sans is a being of positivity and "Brother" to Papyrus. His Nightmarish Reflection is Nightmare!Sans. He is a "Emotional Guardian." Which is this AU's equivalent of a boss monster. He is much more physically active than his canonical counterpart. He is also much higher in power, due to combat training. He is war hardened and quite focused on his job. He only really cares about Papyrus and The One who Sails. He somewhat cares for Frisk, however not very much. He hates Nightmare!Sans due to what he has done, and the fact he embodies everything wrong with Dream. Dream is narrow-sighted and can be something of a jerk at times, however he is still good at heart. He occasionally cracks a joke, however it is mostly rare.

Nightmare!Sans - Major

Nightmare!Sans is The Nightmarish reflection of Dream!Sans. His assumed brother is Nightmare!Papyrus, and his assumed "Caretaker" is Nightmare!Gaster. He has a cruel disposition, and is the primary guardian of Nightmare!Chara. He is a sadist, enjoying the pain of others. He does not care who he harms or hurts assuming it furthers his goal. Or at first glance, at the very least. Nightmare still cares about those close to him, and tries to avoid teaching Papyrus to be like him, since he knows he's a terrible person. He hates Dream since he's his opposite, and his main rival. He somewhat cares about Nightmare!Chara and the rest of the royal family due to his conditioning. He has mostly hatred for the world due to that being the reason he was created.

Dream Papyrus - Major

Dream Papyrus is a being of positivity and a "Brother" to Dream!Sans. His Nightmarish reflection is Nightmare!Papyrus. He is mostly less naive then his Classic counterpart, along with being more combat focused. His ATK stats are lower than his brother's, and he is slower as well. However his DEF stats are much higher than Sans's. He isn't much of an altruist, albeit, he does still believe anyone can be better if they just try. Papyrus normally tries his best to find a merciful solution. He has some anger issues, and he can sometimes go to far when he gets mad. He also is emotionally vulnerable, E.G., if you killed his Brother, he wouldn't know what to do. He cares about most of his friends a lot, especially Sans and The One who Sails. He is overly defensive of them, due to fearing losing them. He has developed Autophobia, and normally stays with his brother.

Nightmare Papyrus - Major

Nightmare Papyrus is a being of negativity, and a "brother" to Nightmare!Sans. His Caretaker is assumedly Nightmare!Gaster. He is The Dark Reflection of Dream!Papyrus. He is violent and childish, often having tantrums. However he is quite intelligent, having a 5-digit IQ. This is mostly exploited by his brother, Nightmare!Sans. Their stats are relatively equal to their Dream counterparts, unless they've recently absorbed Negativity. Nightmare Papyrus wants more-so to capture Dream Papyrus and experiment on him. In reality, he doesn't care much about the war, and more-so just wants Sans to be proud of him. Along with his father. Unlike his brother; he isn't much of a sadist. He cares deeply for his brother, and he probably hates Dream!Sans more than Dream!Papyrus. He's the most friendliest with his Dream counterpart, however he still is violent towards him. He is somewhat selfish, since he only really cares about his family. He doesn't care about if the rest of his people lose the war. He is mostly apathetic to them. He does follow his given orders, however. He likes Nightmare Alphys (Platonically,) due to both of them having an interest in science.

Dream Undyne - Major

Dream Undyne is The Guardian of Positive feelings. She is The Captain of The Sun Guard. Her Nightmarish reflection is Nightmare Undyne. She is much more serious and battle-hardened than her Undertale counterpart. She has her armor on at all times; giving her something of a threatening appearance. Contrast with the calming appearance of most Dreams. She is extremely strong, due to her combat training and her natural strength. She is a warrior at heart, and aims to destroy all The Nightmares, for the safety of The Universe. She is very focused towards the war, and does not have time for selfish pursuits. She still has her attraction towards Alphys, however she denies and refuses at all to act on it. She is very hardened and cold, along with being anti-social. She isn't evil, however she will go to decent lengths to defeat The Nightmares. She hates Nightmare Undyne, due to the fact she cares about all her soldiers. She is generally cold and solid, however she does see some of her younger self in Dream Papyrus, hence she took him under her wing. She trains Papyrus in combat, rather than cooking. She similarly does not understand his aim for a merciful solution, as she believes The Nightmares are beyond redemption, as they are beings of Pure Negativity.

Nightmare Undyne - Minor

Nightmare Undyne is The Enforcer of Negativity. She is The Captain of The Shadow Guard. She is The Nightmarish reflection of Dream Undyne. She is a sadist, similarly to Sans. She doesn't care about her troops, and will sacrifice them to save herself if necessary. She is extremely selfish, and mostly only cares about herself. She wants to overthrow Asgore and be king, so Asgore often has to battle her. Asgore is much stronger than her however, so her attempts often fail. She is insane due to the torture she is constantly put through to keep her in line. She hates Mercy and thrives in war. She is obsessed with conflict and war, similar to The Greek God Ares.

Dream Alphys - Major

Dream Alphys is The Royal Scientist to Dream Asgore, being one of the weakest positive guardians physically. However she is extremely intelligent, and has many resources. She also has a serum she can inject for a fight. However it only lasts for 2 hours at most. So she tries to avoid fighting over all. Her Nightmarish Reflection is Nightmare Alphys. Her glasses are often fogged, similar to X-Alphys's glasses. Her lab coat is a traditional positive guardian robe. She is not part of The Sun Guard, due to his Combative ineptitude. She wants to, contrast with her love interest, find a way to make all The Nightmares turn into less violent versions. She has a crush on Dream Undyne as well, however she believes even if Undyne replicated these feelings, she wouldn't have time for a relationship in the war setting. She is good friends with Asgore, and is happy to work for him. She mostly hates Nightmare Alphys due to considering the experiments her Nightmare version commits as Psychotic and Mad. She is somewhat overworked and often stressed, and she did still create The Amalgamates. She is very focused on the war, similarly to Undyne, however she is somewhat more social. As she is never on the front lines, and often much less busy with the war. She often aims to kill if in a fight, as she is fearful due to her normally frail status. And she knows each second she wastes is another second wasted on the serum. She only has a few, hence why Asgore doesn't just distribute them. She also only knows how to make them for species similar to her own.

Nightmare Alphys - Major

Nightmare Alphys is The Mad Scientist that works for Nightmare Asgore. She is considered the most pathetic adult monster of The Nightmares, and most hate her, due to the fact the society wants strong leaders. However due to her intelligence, she is often able to survive and even kill her opposers. However, she is not The Royal Scientist. That would be Nightmare Gaster. She is his assistant, and is also a sadist, like Undyne. So she often is very cruel with her experiments, not caring for the person who is suffering. She is friends with Papyrus due to their shared interest in science, however her attraction to Undyne is purely a physical one, as she doesn't know Undyne very well. She hates her Dream version, as she believes that Dream Alphys can't do what is necessary for science. Her glasses are also fogged. She often uses her tendrils to lift certain equipment, or other similar things. She is beaten and abused by Asgore, and somewhat by Gaster, but he doesn't much care for that. Gaster often uses Alphys as a scapegoat for his failures to stay on Asgore's Good side. She has a serum similar to her Dream counterpart, however she often instead forces her creations to fight for her, and is extremely cowardly. She created the amalgamates all intentionally, and combined them all to make a massive monstrosity that consumes anything that passes through The True Lab. She doesn't care about the citizens of her own side, only seeing most of them as test subjects or disgusting pathetic sap beneath her. She has something of a superiority complex, and is very careful about who she trusts. She avoids Asgore as much as possible, given how violent he is. She is mostly a mad scientist who wants to keep her current power.

Dream Mettaton - Minor

Dream Mettaton is similar to X-Tale Mettaton, being mostly warlike. He was formerly a ghost who was purely made of positive emotions. He wanted to help Alphys and The Other Dreams, but his Ghost form had little to no power. So Alphys helped him, by building him a massive and powerful robotic body. His New Form is battle ready and strong. He simply aims to protect her creator and the rest of the Dreams. He is strong and forceful, however he began to realize that he had to lift the spirits of The Dreams in order to increase their war morale and emotions in general. As the war escalated, he had his EX form built. He never had a standard form made. Simply having a NEO and EX form. Dream Mettaton aimed to stop and defeat his rival, along with increasing moral with his show. He became more forceful and worn out, until he finally snapped to some extent, and isolated himself temporarily.

Nightmare Mettaton - Minor

He used to be a ghost made by Purely Negative Emotions. Nightmare Alphys captured him to use as a power source for his robot. So he lost his free will, and directed his hatred towards The Positive Entities. Including Dream Mettaton. His Show normally involves him torturing positive entities in brutal and disgusting ways, simply for his own sadistic pleasures. He eventually grew to like his new rule as Alphys's Enforcer, and even enjoyed beating his fellow Negative Entities into the ground. He began enjoying his power over time. He began forcing himself on other Nightmares for his own sadistic enjoyment and power fantasy. He began to slaughter Nightmares and Dreams alike, so Alphys beat him down with her bare hands to stop him. Mettaton calmed down afterwards. Dream Mettaton after isolating himself was hunted down by his Nightmare counterpart. The two got into a battle where Dream Mettaton proved his superiority, blasting Nightmare Mettaton away. Then Nightmare Mettaton fled back to Alphys Lab for repairs, but Alphys had been gone. Mettaton was temporarily "dead" on Alphys's table.

Dream Nabstablook - Minor

Dream Nabstablook is an Incarnation of Dreams. Similarly to The Sandman of Legends. He gives children and adults their hopes and dreams. He simply gives optimism to his allies. He is cousins with Dream Mettaton, and one of their biggest fans. He also sometimes guest-stars on the show. He is generally very quiet and shy, but much more optimistic and happy than Classic Nabstablook. He is very friendly and even helps out Dream Frisk multiple times. It is believed he is Omnipresent, as he is seemingly in every place at once. Since he creates hopes and dreams, many people like him. However, he is mute. Limiting Communication. He knows sign language, however. Which he uses to communicate. He understands all languages, including strange fonts such as wingdings.

Nightmare Nabstablook - Minor

Nightmare Nabstablook is an Incarnation of Nightmares. Similarly to The Boogeyman, He haunts children, and sometimes even tries to shock them to death for his own entertainment. He gives his allies Nightmares of losing the war, motivating them to fight harder and ensure those Nightmares never come to fruition. He is Frenemies with Nightmare Mettaton, as he hates him for leaving. However he still stars on his shows occasionally. He is very open and blunt, causing him to be rather rude. He isn't nice or polite, unlike Classic Nabstablook. He is not mute, unlike his Dream counterpart. He knows many languages, but not sign language. He knows wingdings, and is one of the only people who can communicate with Nightmare Gaster efficiently.

Dream Flowey - Minor

Dream Flowey is a Flower Injected with Pure Positivity and Benevolence. Unlike Classic Flowey, He doesn't have the memories of Asriel. He is a completely selfless but weak little flower assistant. He helps Frisk around. He is extremely nice to most people, even the Nightmares. He is completely fine with Frisk's inexperience with The Positive Guardians. He isn't very powerful, however. Similarly to Classic Flowey. He is somewhat intelligent, and has Nigh-Infinite Stamina. It is stated that he rarely even sleeps, and when he does, he's completely crazy with energy. He is good natured, even if he can get a bit annoying at times.

Nightmare Flowey - Minor

He is a Flower that was injected with Pure Negativity and Malevolence. Similarly to Dream Flowey, he lacks the memories of Asriel. He is a completely selfish dark monster. He only helps Nightmare Chara due to strict orders from Asgore. He is very concerned about his well being, and cares very little for others unless they are useful to him. Similar to Classic Flowey, he's a Sociopath. He assists Nightmare Chara and often annoys The Other Nightmares and tries to help defeat The Dreams. He has an Omega form, however he has to collect a massive amount of souls in order to transform. It is stated that his Omega form is. "So frightening that the bravest warriors have shook in their boots..." He is quite rude to most people, including his allies. His weakness is a good thing, as otherwise, he would be an extreme threat.

Dream Frisk - Extremely Major

Dream Frisk is the main protagonist of the AU itself. They are the adoptive child of Toriel and Asgore, making them apart of the royal family. They mainly are a very helpful person, who just aims to defeat The Nightmares. They mainly want to make their adoptive mother Toriel proud as well. They learned cooking from their mother Toriel. They are quite nice, and are one of the few altruistic characters in the series. They still believe they can redeem everyone, and possibly save the world from destruction. They themselves are very hopeful, despite their age. They are rather naive. Despite the fact all the characters in the series are thousands of years old. (Given that the war has gone on for that long.) They still act somewhat childish. However they are more mature than their classic counterpart, given that they are far older.

Nightmare Chara - Major

Nightmare Chara is The Nightmarish reflection of Dream Frisk, and something of a Secondary Antagonist to the story. They are a spoiled brat, who was adopted by Nightmare Asgore and Nightmare Toriel. They spoiled them extremely, giving Chara a Personal Shadow Guard, Nightmare Sans. They are abusive and look down on almost everyone, other than their parents. They act innocent and nice around their adoptive parents. This is exemplified by their guard, Nightmare Sans. They're borderline abusive to him, and force him to do whatever they want. They act loving and kind to him when The Royal Family is around. They often very much annoy Nightmare Sans. They somewhat warm up to him over time, along with telling him about their past. They were simply a child that was abused by their parents for almost their whole life, and given their parents didn't make much money, they were barely able to eat. They were then saved by Toriel and Asgore, who killed their parents, and took them in. They had an abysmal view of almost all, generally why they tried to stay above them to avoid being hurt themselves. They generally became friends with Nightmare Sans afterwards, causing them to also be generally more happy and positive. However their hatred of Dream Frisk still Stands. Despite Dream Frisk being similar to them, they believe they're a spoiled annoying brat, who never had to struggle. So they hate them for this.

Dream Asgore - Major

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Nightmare Asgore - Major

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Dream Toriel - Major

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Nightmare Toriel - Major

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The One Who Sails - Extremely Major

The One Who Sails is Dream!tale revamped's version of the river person and was the first to eat a golden apple directly, not only making them the founder of positivity, but the most powerful among all other positive entities, they once were in a relationship with with Nightmare Gaster but after his corruption and abandonment, plus war, The One Who Sails had split with them, and now is in war with them, they are a the mentor of Dream Sans and Papyrus, and also guides Dream Frisk throughout their journeys.

Nightmare Gaster - Extremely Major

Nightmare gaster is the father/father figure/care taker of Nightmare Sans and Nightmare Papyrus, they might possibly be creations of his. He is the man behind most things, the puppet master behind the war, an eldritch abomination of pure chaos and destruction, also a being of negativity, the most powerful of them all. He was the first to directly eat a black apple turning him into an eldritch horror. He puppeteers his side(the negative entities) so that it may prosper, and was one of the main reasons for the war itself.

Gerson (Not D/N) - Minor

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Doggy - Minor

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Dream Frisk, The Adoptive child of Dream Asgore and Toriel, given their positive status by the two, having had been a poor and orphaned child, goes on to enter the massive war between Dreams and Nightmares. The Story itself consists mostly of the status of the war, and exploration of the world. At least at first. The Progression of the war more-so happens in Rising Action. Then the rest of the story is something that is still in progress.


  • Doggy is The Annoying Dog Substitute.
  • The Story has a mixture of Sci-Fi and Fantasy Elements, similar to something like Star Wars.
  • The AU is mostly Dark due to the warlike state the universe is in, with the only strictly happy and altruistic character being Dream Frisk.