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DustTale Last Genocide is Created by Experiment121 and DustTale Last Genocide is a AU which combines DustTale and UnderTale Last Breath, which makes DustTale Last Genocide and unlike Last Breath it has a Phase 4 which only the appearance of Sans has been shown.


The human has executed hundreds of genocides. Sans has gone mad and decided to take the human down by gaining power of LOVE himself. He destroyed half of monster kind to be able to compete with them... but, That wasn't enough. The human kept resetting making the skeleton forget about his mistakes and slaughter his friends again and again. Until... Starting a new Massacre, Sans encounter a mysterious door never to be seen before. Seeking for new victims he opened it. The strange figure appeared in front of Sans... suddenly he remembered. All of the routes, countless resets and all of his terrible actions. The figure told him what had to be done. They how told the ' experiment ' had to be finished. The skeleton got what they needed. And with his new knowledge... He will make sure this is the Last Genocide.



Sans is completely Insane, well he was already mad but even more Insane ever since he found out that it isn't in the first time he killed everyone. He will make sure that this is the last genocide, nothing of his appearance has changed the only time when it changes is in the other phases and in Phase 4 he is completely insane.


Nothing has really changed about Papyrus's role since he's still a phantom.


At this point, Frisk doesn't even exist anymore. Frisk is completely controlled by Chara.


Chara is the one that is doing all the genocides and Chara wanted to see if something new would happen if she/he continues doing genocides and Chara got his/her wish. Chara still doesn't know how Sans got new knowledge but Chara is interested in what will happen next.


Gaster is the one who helped Sans and his mission to beat the human and it's also the one who made Sans remember all of the genocides. He plays an important role since if it wasn't for Gaster it would still be a timeline of DustTale and he also controls sans in Phase 4.


  • DustTale Last Genocide has actually been noticed by the original creator of Undertale Last Breath.
  • DustTale Last Genocide first appearance was on YouTube.
  • In Phase 4, Sans is being controlled by Gaster.