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Echo Flowey is Flowey, but an echo flower.


Echo Flowey looks exactly like an Echo Flower but he has eyes, a mouth, freckles, and a few tears in his petals.


He repeats whatever he heard, and he has little to no control over his speech. He often repeats one line (see Quotes). He is purer and can't move, so he's stuck in one spot. He doesn't care. He is unable to feel any emotions other than (mild) jealousy, happiness, and neutral-ness.


He doesn't have any, since he's an Echo Flower.


You can kill him in one hit. He probably doesn't mind, he just waits for you, like Papyrus does!


  • Howdy! Welcome to the Neutral Timeline! (Check)
  • Hmph. (Jealous)
  • Yee! (Happiness)
  • Nuuuuuu! (Neutral-ness; refuse to give fertilizer)
  • Kay. (Happiness, refuse to give fertilizer)
  • Grr. (Jealousy, refuse to give fertilizer)
  • meep (Signature line)


Neutral! Frisk: They go to give him fertilizer sometimes.

Neutral! Chara: They go to give him fertilizer sometimes.

GaryStu Sans: GaryStu Sans keeps poking Echo Flowey. The two have a neutral relationship.

Dark Cosmos Sans: He goes to sneak Echo Flowey fertilizer sometimes.

Error404: He once saw 404 walk into the Neutral Timeline once. Echo Flowey tried to call for help, but Error404 left.


  • He lives in the Neutral Timeline
  • Before he dies, he will start acting like normal Flowey, calling you "an imbecile" and warning you that he will come back
  • He tries asking Neutral! Chara and Neutral! Frisk dirty questions out of curiosity when they go to give him fertilizer
  • He has yet to meet certain people that he wants to (mainly CORE! Frisk and Chisk)