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EdR!o is a demonic creature of unknown origin that causes chaos wherever it goes. It was first spotted in an unknown timeline in an unknown AU. The time period in that timeline was during the war between humans and monsters. It slayed a lot of monsters and humans. The humans became allies with the monsters in order to fight the demon, but this failed when the demon stole the souls of the king of monsters, humans, and any people who could replace these leaders. The demon grew bored of fighting off the timeline and retreated from it. He has barely been seen since this time period. It's real name is unknown to this day. A guy named the creature this because he thought the name was "cool". The demon's heart is a circuit for energies and can not be broken by magical, and physical attacks. It even has a firewall around it to protect it from most code attacks.


Super Strength

It is strong enough to life up two, heavy horses with a single hand with only 10% of its strength. This means it can lift 20 heavy horses with all it's strength.


This sword's blade is glowing orange and very hot. When stabbed with the blade, it does very little magical or physical damage, but you start to feel and re-live all the times you feel guilty in your life. It will cause the victim severe pain and even blind them in hatred and other things. Once stabbed by the sword, depending who you are, you will become brain dead, thoughtless, and mindless. This is because the mind and brain get overloaded with too much information and too much despair. Once the body becomes mindless, the demon can then use it's powers to animate the victim, turning it into a mindless slave. You don't have to be guilty for the sword to work on you, you just have to feel guilty. Beings that feel no guilt but have done evil things may not be affected. The sword can reach into your sub-conscience and reach those thoughts though.


This whip is searing hot and if it hits someone, the victim will turn to dust, regardless if they are human or monster. Will not work on deities or above (Obviously).

Dark Energy Manipulation

Can manipulate many types of dark energy.

Demonic Energy Manipulation

Can manipulate demonic attacks, energy, creatures that are weaker than it.

Energy Manipulation

Can manipulate energy.

Specter Form

It can turn into an invisible being that can phase through objects and is immune to physical, magical, and even most cosmic energy. It can possess people while in this form.

Animation of the Dead and Mindless

It can manipulate dead and mindless beings.

Dark Matter Manipulation

It can manipulate dark matter in many ways.

Shard Fire.

It can launch sharp pieces of unknown materiel at targets.

Super Speed

It can move at a speed that is unmeasurable by human or monster knowledge ( MUCH faster than lightspeed).

Soul Suction

It can suck the soul of someone to him. If it decides to absorb the soul, it will become more powerful.


It can enter a vessel and possess it while in specter form.


It can teleport into different AUs.

Limited Reality Manipulation

It has limited access to reality and can edit certain things. It can create illusions, change the body of someone, heal itself, change the color of a house, change the material of most objects, slow down the speed of lets say a bullet, decrease the impact of physical damage, and other things. It can not be used to completely destroy timelines or AUs.

Anti Power Negation

It has set up some thing that will give it's powers back to it if someone negates it's abilities. In order to deactivate this, you need to enter a dimension where demonic creatures of Undertale "hang out". This will obviously be hard to do.


It has set up this in order to block people from entering it's code. It will be hard to hack past this firewall and even then, there is a response that will cause the loading to take super long. So it will take a while for the loading to load and you being able to enter the code of this thing.

No Soul

It is a soul technically, but different, so blue magic does not work on it. Because of this however, it can not gain LOVE, but it still does have HP like normal souls do. There is a flaw, if this demon has gained souls for more power, blue magic will work on those souls and will affect the demon. Because it is not exactly a soul, physical damage works on it.

It can bind someone's life to another, so if he has trouble killing a person, he can bind it's life to something easy to kill and kill that. This will cause the victim to also die.

Physical Form Difference

Even though it has a physical form, it is more magic. It also has a very different anatomy to humans and monsters. This means you could shoot it in the head or heart (or even crush the heart or head) and it wont die.


Though it's HP is high, it is still destroyable by overwhelming attacks. "Angelic Weapons" are able to severely damage it if not one-shot it. The presence of OP characters scares it, which will cause the demon to flee. The creature can be one-shot by certain weapons meant to kill entities similar to it. It can't teleport and can only teleport into other AUs. It can be turned into a hot, burning liquid where it will be trapped until night touches it. You need to the creature to touch an object with a powerful energy source to turn it into the liquid, but if it is put into a dark room or a place dark, it will turn back into it's form.


EdR!o's minions
Rerach Knights