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Frisk was a member of one of the many 'tribes' that had been formed after the Downfall*. They'd heard that the tribe's location was safe, and decided to make the journey to get there. When they did, it all seemed normal at first. Well, as normal as life after the end could be. However, a year after they'd arrived, the leader of the tribe passed in a hunting accident. The person who took his place, however, was.. how do I say this...

He wasn't exactly the type who should be in charge of something.

Soon, they couldn't take it anymore, and left in the middle of the night. They followed their map and arrived at Mount Ebott, a place supposedly nuked when everything when wrong. And that, reader, is where the story of EndTale starts.


Frisk is a quiet, cautious child. Paradoxically, even though they can be extremely brave, they are easily frightened. Usually, they are tense and alert, never letting their guard down unless with Toriel. When fighting, they will almost always ACT rather than actually fight. If their opponent hurts their family, however, they will often be vicious in their attacks.


Frisk is short for their age, with shaggy black hair and dirt-colored eyes. They wear a green and blue sweater, with ripped jeans and old combat boots. They have various wounds on their body from their time on the Surface.


They can fight pretty well when armed, using their walking stick to both deflect and attack. They are also good at dodging, despite their limp.


Frisk is often paranoid, and if you catch them while they are in this state, you will most likely have the upper hand. If you aim at their wounds (which can be hard not to hit), you will be able to deal much more damage, depending on the wound.


Due to animals from the surface commonly falling, they meet a dog in the Ruins, which they subsequently adopt.



Weapon:Walking Stick

Armor:School Bag