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Toriel has greyish-white fur and horns, with a slightly ripped purple dress/robe/whatever it is. Like in the original game, it has the Delta Rune on it. She has a scar on the palm of her left hand.


Toriel tries her best to be similar to her classic counterpart, though she is often quiet. She is usually baking, reading, or writing jokes in one of her many notebooks. Though she dislikes doing it, she will sometimes leave the Ruins to either meet with Sans, check on Frisk, or talk to Asgore. She is nervous and sometimes overprotective when Frisk's safety is concerned, worried that they might end up like the other Fallen Children.



Frisk is Toriel's adopted child, who she will often worry over.


Toriel tries to help Sans with his work, even though she isn't much of a scientist. He appreciates her efforts, though.


The two, when they meet, usually discuss ways to escape besides breaking the barrier, neither of them knowing what the Surface is like. So far, Toriel and Asgore have a neutral relationship.


Toriel is a skilled fighter, able to easily direct and maneuver her attacks while she is in battle. She will not hesitate to protect her friends and family.


Toriel can be prone to over/underestimating her opponents, leading her to use her more stronger/tiring attacks for the former, and weaker attacks for the latter. She will also refuse to fight a child, which can be a fatal mistake on a genocide run.