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While error,ink and night mare were having a battle three of there parts got scattered across the anti void and they slowly started to form into erink he saw error about to shoot ink with his error blasters but he took the hit leaving him with 20 hp help ink recover in underswap that is when Paperjam and Gradient came along too visit. Paperjam asked who are you then he said I am...Erink



Erink Has a painted scarf, a eye patch and wheres a hoodie and instead of shorts he wears jeans.Since he is more error he is more solid but his eyes still change like paperjam. He has black skin like error!Sans and has tentacles like nightmare!Sans.


He is a pretty chill guy but he will do anything to protect Ink!Sans and Dream!sans from danger like from error and nightmare.


  • Night bones:They are powerful not one hit kill powerful but pretty darn strong
  • Ink blasters:self explanitory
  • Soul manipulation:self explanitory
  • Really Fast: He combines ink and nightmares power to increase his power
  • Error sword: A sword that can create and destroy
  • Error strings:self explanotory
  • Feeds of positve and negitiave energy
  • Black tentacles:self explanatory


  • Loves cute things
  • loves choclate
  • runs out of energy when he fights for to long
  • Fresh :]
  • Hates error and the nightmare sqaud
  • Shy asf
  • All bad chara and frisks


  • To be added