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"Why are people even depressed, anyways? There's always atleast ONE thing to live for."
– Error!500 to his master.

The Overseer

Made by Lord Shihan, Error!500's Official Redesign.

Made by ya boy, Green Papyrus Error!500's Official New Battle Sprite

Error!500 is a Sans gifted with powerful abilities, using them solely to wipe other overpowered characters, to keep the balance stable.

Error!500 was made by Nyte The Lad on Fanon wiki. His discord is linked on his profile.


Error!500 had originated from nowhere. He was but a simple Sans, roaming throughout his home AU. His AU had never been given it's own name. It was normally just naturally been given the name 'Tale'. However, he knew the true name behind it. It's name was 'Timelines'. But it wasn't really an AU, was it? No..it was much more. Chaos was everywhere, normally just planted down into the ground from top to bottom. His place wasn't an AU, instead a multiverse. As it's own Omega Timeline, in a way. A root path for lots of univereses. Eventually, from a mysterious calamity caused by somebody, he was forced to escape. He had met with the destroyer of his multiverse, and fought somewhat weakly against the other. Wane, his true name..he hadn't really known it. He just called himself 'That Sans', for the purpose of his lack of popularity. Evetually, he was booted out of the multiverse, sent into the darkest place ever, the void. Here, he'd learnt it all. Where he was from. An AU named 'WaneTale'. There had been more from his AU, too! Somehow..so, that was pretty cool. But, he had no real reason to care. He never did. Nobody loved him, and he loved nobody. So, it was best to just..go away. Forever.

He exit his AU, and went to the general void. The void. Where nobody could hurt him. Where he couldn't hurt anyone. Where it was just...peace. However, one day, this peace had been halted. A monster dawning a hood, and a strange hand, offered to help him. Now, Wane hadn't had a single reason to deny. His AU was probably gone from how long it'd been. So he simply rejected, not wanting to do anything else, but..just watch. Just watch as it all went to hell. But, this figure didn't take it for an answer. He gripped onto his hand, and pulled him up. He'd take a final glance at him, before clutching onto his shirt. The tattering, the lifeless eyes..it was disgusting. The figure hadn't said a single word, instead using his actions to convey his words. The monster opened a portal, guiding Wane to go to it. Wane looked to him, with a final glance. Maybe this was it. Maybe this wasn't real. Maybe..maybe it was just life, guiding him to walk to the end. With a last nod, he stepped into the portal, met with..everything. Viral code, data, everything. This hadn't been an antivoid, or anything among the likes. He walked into..code? What was this place? Why was he here? His answers were never answered, instead forced. He spent 5 years in this place, yet it felt like 5 seconds. Each second he stayed, code began to overrun his body, being far too much for a weak body like his to take.

After being exposed to such criminal and violent code, his body combust. Yet his soul hadn't. His soul began to connect together, by what seemed to be strings. The code pulled back to the soul, forming a new form for him. A naked skeleton, with error's around his body, and yellow dots printed across his body. His teeth had been inexistent, instead just a bright yellow void inside his skull, with green strings to look like teeth lining marks. This form..it..it felt powerful. But he didn't like it. He hated it. It scared him. He..he didn't want this. He wanted to be normal. But he didn't get to be normal. He went towards the portal, rushing to it, bursting through. His neon eyes illuminated the area, as the figure above him looked down at him, simply smirking. They began to walk away, before rising a spike, dropping clothing that resembled Wane's old clothing. In haste, he had worn it, being surprised by the loose fit. Guess he wasn't as big boned as he'd used to be. He looked around the void, one last time. His fate? Unknown. Yet, all that was known was he had a destiny. He was called upon. And he would fulfil his destiny.



Error!500 is very silent, in his manners. He isn't too talkative, nor is he that friendly. However, his loyalty is what knows no bounds. At times, he can even come off as emotionless to do what people ask of him. However, once you get to know him, he's a calm, reserved yet friendly guy. If you're to ever mention who he once was, he'd probably go silent in an instant, and either change the topic or leave.

However, as mentioned that he has a loyal side, he does show a LOT of emotion the moment you're close with him. Erratic, fun and wild, to be exact. However, it's normally very secluded, as he doesn't want others to know.


Error!500 goes off the sole morality of 'I will strike at those who are deserving'. He never really kills anyone else, unless they get in the way of him currently killing another person of high importance.


Error!Blaster - A simple black and yellow blaster, which fires blasts based on the wielders elemental wanting.

Bones - Standard Bones.

Coded!Bones - Bones that vary in different colours.

Obsolescence - Error500 can make anything, everything, anyone or everyone useless. For example: He can make the laws of nature ineffective, all powers useless, or make the world useless which cause everything to be destroyed within it. Error500 can make actually anything into nothing.

One on Top - If his opponent has an ability that can murder a player in one hit, he will have the ability to change their attacks to his will.

Strings of Peril - Error!500 has his own set of strings, which can latch onto people, affecting their mood, and sometimes even body, if he's using it to attack. He can make someone feel negative, or positive.

True Victory - If a character has a power such as 'unable to be affected by anything', they instantly lose all their abilities for 5 minutes, leaving Error!500 to rid them.

Destabilization - He can create destabilization in objects, environment or even abilities causing balance distortion ranging from single molecules to cosmic scales. The primary objective of this power is to make everything lose stability or balance. He can destabilization every powers with absolutely no limit and nothing can change that.

Obliterate - He can obliterate someone's power as long as they are in view of Error!500's RIGHT eye. Only works once every 4 days, and dissipates his eye for 2 minutes, removing his 'Obsolescence' and 'Glitch Beam'.

Glitch Beam - From his right eye, he can fire a long laser of glitched plasma, for around 5-6 seconds. Whenever he does this, he goes blind for 10 seconds.

Glitch Walk - This allows him to enter the core data of the multiverse, being his own method of teleportation/au hopping. It's like entering a world of 1's and 0's, knowing exactly where everything in those 1's and 0's are.


Whenever things go grim, and a being somehow figures a way to murder Error!500, he enters a form for 5 Minutes, fueled by the power of his master, and the sole data from the Multiverse. In this form, he cannot use his old abilities, instead using new ones entirely.

You messed up. Made by Lord Shihan

[REMAP] - His own button. With the push of this button, he can alter time to affect whenever a certain thing happens. (Ex. If you use a giant combo on him, he can use remap and make each attack in the combo happen at a different time, so your first punch would be a third punch and etc) This is very helpful for if he wants to repeat repetitive attacks.

Soul Beam - Directly from his own bugged Soul, mixed with his own strings, he can charge an infinite blast to send a beam of godly speed and precision. It is an instant kill against any Outcode/Error.

Glitched Reality - He can infect time itself, sending it into a shattered stop. This lasts exactly 23 seconds. Once time stops, there are glass pieces which Exemplar!500 can use to teleport in a way. Exemplar!500 is the only being that can move in the resisted flow of time, and not even his attacks send until time resumes.

Blodged Strings - Strings that come directly from his torso and hands. He can use these to siphon souls, and even enter anothers body to explode out of them. Very brutal.

Destroyed Anomaly - He can recover data from the strongest beings that were killed, and use them to fight until he dies. After he dies, they go back to the afterlife they were chosen for.

Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence Destability - If any being wields an Omni-like power, Their entire moveset goes against them, contracting them into a dimension they made themselves with boundless size, uncontrollably sending every single ability against themselves, before indeniably dying from the pure control and destruction in their dimension. A cruel and corrupt way to go.

Button Nullification - He has the ability to nullify every single button, rendering it impossible to use until he reaches his end. Though you'll probably be dead before he is.

Power Knowledge - In this form, he has complete understanding of every beings attack, power level and defence.

Complete Soul Mastery - He mantains the peculiar ability to change others soul traits, however now he can change their soul TYPES. He can make a human a monster, and vice versa.

Mine, Thank You - He can directly attach his fingers to a SOUL, and drain it's abilities. There is no limit to change it.

Soul of The Omniverse - He can create a SOUL with every being in the entire omniverses capabilities, and use it to send a final blow, which may possibly even destroy the Omniverse itself, just to recreate it.

Whenever he runs out of time, time begins to rewrite, and send it back 5 minutes to before the transformation occurred. However, with one difference: Error!500 gone, and the same with everyone he had murdered.


  • If he ever uses his abilities in favour of attacking those of low power (or medium, in most cases too), the one that had granted him the abilities will corrupt his abilities, making them have a 7/8 chance of failing, and also give him a glitch attack, forcing his concentration away from all else.
  • He has glitch attacks frequently whenever he uses extremely powerful attacks.
  • If he uses Obsolescence or Destabilization, there is a chance for him to become useless/destabilized for a short while, opening pathways to attack him.
  • If you avoid his laser beam, it opens a short gap in time to attack him, and deal some major damage.

Why he does this.

He has been told from the one above.

"Wipe all that is sinful,

Cast away all that is wrong.

As the one gifted of these powers,

You have became the overseer, my son."

He does find it funny sounding, though.

Sightings/Kill List

Normally only Overpowered Character's would die by him, or even see him.

  • Omni404 Almost died from Error500 but escaped by teleporting to safety.
  • Alpha404 Tried sending Error500 to a dimension that will kill anyone who is in it but got killed when Error500 used Obliterate.
  • The Observer It was easy for Error500 to kill The Observer. He only had 0hp but remained alive and more powerful than ever thanks to his abilities and powers. To kill him Error500 just needed to erase all of his powers and abilities with True Victory, he then just died in confusion and sadness screaming his lover name.
  • Frisk Voidryus She was The Observer's wife before he died. After she learned of her husband's death through her Boundless Omniscience ability, she decided to act on impulse and confront Error500. She immediately went to where Error500 was while he was looking for Omni404, the problem that all these existences have is the fact that they believe that no one can kill them or eliminate them from existence or non-existence. As soon as she arrived she immediately decided to do finish everything with her Concept of Primordial Nothingness but she had fallen into the trap of Error500, as soon as he felt her presence he activated True Victory. It nullified all the powers she had and even her Concept of Primordial Nothingness which should have been impossible to nullify. Confused by the loss of her powers she got distracted and the last thing she saw was the face of Error500.
  • God404 got killed by Error500 when he was still In his B.U.T.T.E.R.F.L.Y form fighting Virus404.
  • Virus404 saw Error500 kill God404 while he was fighting with him.
  • Fear!sans likes toying with him and always revives the person he killed, it's basically a daily routine for him to see and toy with Error500. (Examples: going back In time and reviving God404 when Error500 killed him, stealing players soul from him and making him hallucinate that Classic Sans was 4th Breaker Z! Sans).


Honey is the only thing he likes, it somehow soothes his lagging.

Toby Fox is the only being of true Overpowerness he cannot overcome (not like he'd want to, he fucking loves the dude.)

He won't kill all O.P Characters. Error404 is considered O.P, yet he wouldn't kill him, as he isn't a Gary Sue form of O.P.

He cannot and will not kill Avatars, due to how despite being able to be extraordinarily O.P, cannot actually do anything.

His nicknames actually 'Midas' and 'Midas!Error', funny enough.

Considering the fact most of the "Fucking Unnecessarily OP Mary Sues" has been deleted/removed, i will just nudge in to say that canonically Error500 successfully killed all of them.

ERROR 500 owns the soul of the player (Ended up getting stolen by Fear!Sans).

ERROR 500 thinks Fear!sans is a nuisance, and will kill Fear!sans if he had any chance possible, but he can't kill avatars.


earlier design


By Lord Shihan

Offical Error500 Sprite (By ♡𝓷𝓸𝓽𝓲𝓬𝓮 𝓶𝓮 𝓼𝔂𝓶♡#6969)