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Error Nio is a being that ONLY exists in Timeline #398, in any other timeline, he is NON-EXISTANT.




Error Nio is a being who was created when The Doggo woke up from his 5 Second Nap and was bored, so he made 4 Beings, Ink and Error Gaster, Then Ink and Error Nio. Error Nio created ErrorTale. He was sealed in a Hell of his own making, causing all his power to be lost. Error Chara gave him 1000 Human Souls, Allowing him to escape. After this, He waged a war on the Multiverse. The Outcome is still Unknown.

Powers and Abilities

Error Nio is Nigh Omnipotent, he can do anything he wants whenever he wants (almost). He is limited. (?) It is unknown by WHAT, although he isn't Omnipotent.


Error Nio is Completely Evil, only wanting Power and destruction.