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Template:Infobox CharacterEventide is the Brother of Morningtide and slave to Error sans. He, along with his brother were created by Fablemaker on Scratch.


Eventide woke up one morning to a house that was slowly glitching into non-existence. He saw out the window that his brother was running for his life, and grabbed his soul in anguish. Error entered the house and by reflex Eventide threw his soul at Error and he absorbed it, sending Eventide crumbling to the floor.

A portal opened above his head and Error sent his blue strings through, making Eventide into a puppet of sorts.

Eventide was turned into a small doll-like puppet that could fit in someone’s hand and stashed away for several months until Morningtide was discovered in Error‘s lair. Then Error used Eventide to attack Morningtide and to try and kill him. Eventide resisted Error’s control long enough for his brother to Escape and then was punished for it by Error. He is currently still in slavery.


Eventide is a pessimist, but loves his brother dearly. He isn’t good at decision making. He’s also highly critical of others. Once you get past that, he Is a loyal friend.


  • AU hopping. When attached to Errors strings, he can teleport.
  • Shadow manipulation. He can move shade and darkness from one spot to another.


The obvious weakness is his tether to Error. He can’t kill Error, or he would die because Error absorbed his soul.