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Feather glitch is a Glitch in a game originally meant to be called ’feathertale’. however the game experienced an glitch most likely caused by error and feather glitch (or feather) is the only one left.

Feather has certain speaking problems that causes words like u/yo u to turn out like this: you. feather has no au left so she is all alone, she has bumped into abysstale sans and error sans multiple times, but ended up just going very very far away. feather has not really any relationships. her only relationships are with error,ink,dream,abyss,nighmare,sense (a random glitch). error is her enemy but also her brother so she isn’t allowed to kill him. ink is her friend most the time but she doesnt visit him most the tim. FEATHER has has a big pink,fading,into blue scarf. and she has a silvery bklue magic. she wears a short sleeved shiny purple top and faded pink shorts. she wears silvery slippers. she has multiple pieces missing replaced with white boxes, including 2 on her face, 1 on her shirt 4 on her scarf and 1 on her leg, her scarf can make this big strings come and she uses it to teleport with ease or to find a certain person,. dream is a good friend of hers and she visits him often. abyss is also a good friend but she doesn’t really like to go to the abyss that often. nightmare is also an enemy and she HATES him soo much, only dream stops her from killing him. sense is sorta

her friend and she hates him half the time due to how stupid he is. she may be lesbian or normal, no one knows just don’t ship her with lust,nightmare,abyss,geno or fresh.

. feather has nothing in her AU left but her and a book, this books pages got ruined

She now has another friend : Unknown!sans. She has seen him many times and Has no clue why some people say he is so rude when he is so kind to her, maybe she has a crush on him? please no terrible comics on this though. i’m fine with a simple comic.

She Explores many Aus and recently got her outfit torn up!!

Her friend, Colortale chara / silver gave her a new outfit.

It is a deep purple Short sleeved top with deep magenta Long pants and some Deep red boots. her scarf was in fact repaired and her glitches recently started not coming back, she only has 1 on her face, 0 on her shirt, 2 on her scarf and 1 on her eye.

her book was actually fixed And it was a book on AUs that she uses to travel to many aus, and make friends!

friends not very known : underswap, swapfell, fresh, error, geno, ink, fell, Silver, Temmie!

Enemies: Nightmare, Flowerfell, and a few more.