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Error!Fell Papyrus was created when Error!Fell Gaster wanted to be able to defeat Ink!Fell Gaster, so he made 2 Clones of himself to accomplish this. Papyrus was one of these clones. Papyrus and Sans trained harshly under Error!Fell Gaster until Ink!Fell Gaster tackled him into the core, sending both Gasters to the void. After they came to, Papyrus abused Sans continuously until he was completely Obedient. Papyrus did slightly Care about Sans, but not that much. Papyrus then attempted to capture Error!Fell Frisk, although he failed. After the Error!Fell Pacifist run, Papyrus found a map in the lab behind their house, detailing the whole Multiverse. Papyrus realized that HE, could take this pathetic place over. So he brought his brother, and began hopping AUs, Obliterating any who didn't Bend the knee, after awhile, he came to clash with Ink!Fell Papyrus, whom became his Nemesis, after his brother went Insane, He Beats Error!Fell Papyrus to death with his bare hands, mocking the things his Brother said during his abuse.





He is a huge pr**k, often worse than his brother when it comes to profanity, Fresh will often Censor him as well, much to Papyrus's annoyance. He also is almost incapable of being nice to anyone.

Powers and Abilities

Error!Fell Papyrus can Teleport any distance, same as his brother. He can also Manipulate Error Bones and the Infamous Error Blasters. He can use strings, but is about on the same level as Classic Error, making him weaker than his brother. He is also able to often be quite intimdating.


Ink!Fell Papyrus

The two are Cold-Hard enemies, often fighting whenever they encounter. The two hate each other. The only thing they even slightly bond over, is how weak and pathetic their brothers are.

Ink!Fell Frisk and Sans

He once tortured both Ink!Fell Frisk and Sans at once, by torturing Frisk continuously until Sans begged him to stop, he never has really encountered them beyond that.

Error!Fell Sans

He is Sans' Boss and thinks he's weak and pathetic, although he does care about him Slightly. When Error!Fell Sans killed him due to his Insanity, Papyrus knew he deserved it

Gaster|Error!Fell Gaster

He thinks he's a Pitiful Old man (or in this case, skeleton) who should go Rot in Hell.