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Final Gaster is a boss located behind a fake wall in underfell snowdin, you will need the scythe, error blaster and max level to battle Final Gaster.

Phase 1 Attack’s:

Green hand: Traps a player in a bubble, can be popped by scythe.

Yellow hand: Fires a mini projectile, deals damage.

Orange hand: Spawns explosions randomly and deals high damage.

Purple hand: Summons a bone zone, if Final Gaster is at half health, he will use a void that will suck players that get in it and do devastating damage.

Teal hand: Traps a player in a string.

Blue hand: Summons a mini saw that deals devastating damage.

Red hand: Fire a octo blaster like Betty.

When Final Gaster gets to zero health, Phase 2 will begin, in phase 2 Final Gaster will become a blaster with hands.


Gaster’s Blaster: Fires a huge blaster beam where a player is standing.

Hands: Throws a hand at a player, instant kills.

Ring: A hand will randomly summon a ring, if there is lag the ring will simply fall.

Floor flip: will flip the floor, if it’s laggy then the flip will just go on its side and go back to normal.

Bones: Summons bones on the floor randomly like Nightmare Sans in Survive The Monsters.

Void: Will suck players into a ball, though it can be denied by using scythe.

After you beat final gaster you go to a button screen, either you MERCY or FIGHT, if you mercy error sans will kidnap Final gaster and you’ll get the gaster hand.