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"I'm sorry, I couldn't save everyone..."
– Flora Frisk

Flora Frisk is an AU made by the-thorned-human-soul on Tumblr.

About the AU

Flora Frisk gives part of their soul to Flowey after they are attacked. The soul pieces fuse, making Frisk Half monster, Half human. This Frisk is usually filled with regret, because they couldn't save Flowey, (aka Asriel).

Frisk is often made fun of by human children of their monster/human appearance. As the blog went on, they made friends and enemies.

The main struggle for this Frisk is the racism against monsters.


Flora Frisk has the strength of a human soul, can absorb souls of any kind, and can use Flowey's normal abilities.

Frisk can't reset without causing some harm to their soul.