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Flowertale is an AU created by Neskybo and is a brother AU to Sanei's Flowerfell. In Flowertale, each time monsters die, they grow flowers on their body. Flowertale Frisk's personality is experimental, and they reset the game to satisfy their curiosity. The flowers that grow are a result of the corruption of the timeline due to the resetting. How flowers appear on the body o is dependent on the rate of their dusting. As an example, someone who is beheaded receives flowers on their neck. Undyne receives flowers all over her because she melts.

Each monster grows a different flower that represents them. Sans' flowers are happiest days are in the past. Asriel's flowers are Star of Bethlehem, which represents atonement.

In the beginning, Frisk starts out with no Flowers. The first route you take will decide which Flowers you use. If you do the pacifist route and reset you'll come back with white poppy, which represents pacifism. If you do the pacifist, reset, and then genocide, when you come back, you'll come back with Red Dahlias, which represent betrayal. If you do genocide, when you reset you'll come back with black roses, which signify death. If you do genocide, and then pacifism, you'll appear with hyacinths.

Sans can recognize flowers. He's seen them all. So each handshake will be different.

Flowertale and Flowerfell have a few crossovers.

[http://neskybo.tumblr.com/tagged/flowertale http://neskybo.tumblr.com/tagged/flowertale