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Frisk's Tale is an AU where Frisk was born underground. Instead of Frisk falling through Mount Ebott, their parents fall instead. Split into an as-of-yet unknown number of Arcs, the first follow the adventures of Amber and Matthew as they try to return to the Surface.

Characters (By Order of Introduction)

Chara --The First Fallen Child. Their connection to Frisk is undeniably unique, and loses it after a strange RESET.

Amber --Frisk's mother. Hiked Mount Ebott with Matthew. Fell onto a bed of flowers not dissimilar to what the other children fell on and, in another timeline, Frisk themself. She holds the Green Kindness SOUL.

Matthew -- Frisk's father. Hiked Mount Ebott with Amber for a relaxation trip. Fell onto a bed of flowers where Amber landed. He holds the Yellow Justice SOUL.

Flowey -- Your best friend A sentient Golden Flower with a large amount of Determination. Introduces Amber and Matthew the absolute basics of combat and SAVEs for them later on.

Toriel -- Caretaker of the Ruins. Only met Amber and Matthew uncomfortably close to her home, who she invites without hesitation. Saddened with their departure, but confident in their abilities, she let them exit the Ruins.

Pandora -- A rabbit monster who has no fixed home. She travels with her large and heavy backpack and picks safe random spots to lay her head. Met Amber and Matthew in a chance encounter, whom she brought to Snowdin Inn to warm up and recover.

Innkeeper -- A rabbit monster who manages Snowed Inn. Very hospitable, even to Amber and Matthew, who are humans.


Ruins -- The place that starts it all. Simple puzzles and weak encounters. Amber and Matthew meet Toriel in the Ruins just before the house.

Snowdin -- Directly connected to the Ruins via an exit under Toriel's home. Colder than a frozen winter night, sudden exposure to this climate can cause hypothermia in humans. The hardest area to traverse.

Snowed Inn -- An inn in the small Snowdin Town. Pandora brought the unconscious Amber and Matthew to warm up and recover from the numbing cold.

Waterfall -- Past Snowdin Town. Beautiful rock formations and crystals dot the landscape, and cooling water flow through this serene area. It is quite dark, however.

Mossy Cavern -- A dark and complex labyrinth of caves and caverns. There is sparse lighting, and some areas can be waterlogged. It contrasts the calm Waterfall region.