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D-9341 is the protagonist of SCPtale.


For the majority of the game they're not seen nor does they speak often, outside of panting when out of breath, coughing and slurping when drinking something from SCP-294, or grunts and gasps when injured. The only time D-9341 speaks is during their exposure to SCP-012 and SCP-1074.

The only piece of backstory known about D-9341 is that they were sent to death row for a felony. The crime which they committed is unknown, however it is hinted at during the SCP-1074 event to have involved them committing multiple acts of genocide.

See Chara for more information about their backstory.


The player when in front of SCP-012
  • "[gasping and cutting] I have to... I have to finish it... [grunting]"
  • "Do you really wanna do it... [grunting] I don't... think... I can do this. [grunting]"
  • "I... I... must... do it. [psychotic laughter and coughing]"
  • "I-I... have... no... ch-choice! [gasping and grunting]"
  • "Balloons... [psychotic laughter] This....this makes...no sense! [gasping]"
  • "No... this... this is... impossible!"
  • "[psychotic laughter] It can't... It can't be completed!"
The player when in front of SCP-1074
  • "This work of art is the greatest I've seen in my entire life."
  • "But why do I see myself in it?"
  • "What is this supposed to mean?"
  • "Now I understand."
  • "I killed them."
  • "This is my punishment, that is why I'm here."
  • "Their lives are over, and it's all my fault."
  • "I'm sorry."