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– Frisk's rage tempting in on XGaster

XFrisk (also known as X-Event!Frisk) is a major character in X-Tale and Underverse. He was originally a Pacifist child but in Underverse 0.5, XGaster brought him back to his Genocide state. He was made by Jakei95 (aka. JakaeiArtworks) on DeviantArt.


A child of XGaster, XFrisk got his brother, XChara to run away from the recently emerged Ink!Sans. He rushes to get to him, Chara, and their creator. After their meeting, he and Chara plays around with Ink while he tries to keep XGaster afloat. He is eventually shown the Doodle Sphere, and with this presentation, XGaster begins his complete experiment on XTale. XGaster starts making new timelines, with each new timeline, XFrisk would lose a relative or a friend of theirs. During timeline four, either he was forced to commit genocide, and this was enough to get Chara to rebel against XGaster. To the unfortunate situation, XTale!Chara is defeated, and Chara ends up as a part of XTale!Frisk. The situation would go out of hand, and XGaster creates the X-Event from the merged pairs. At the end of TIMELINE X - Cross, Sans has seen to kill XFrisk but XFrisk is revived in Underverse 0.5, seeming in his Genocide state.



XTale!Frisk is known to be made of a mostly black and white color pallet, exception being his necklace and eyes. He has short grey hair, he wears a white (during the Underverse scene, it appears to be a light grey) ribbon like scarf that has a bow on the back of his neck, plus a plain and simple white t-shirt in front of a black long sleeve shirt. Around his neck is a heart locket necklace like most other XTale characters. He wears black shorts that are knee length, and dons white boots as his shoewear. Towards the end of XTale, his eyes are revealed to be similar to that of XGaster's, red on right and purple on left.


XTale!Frisk is first seen as many other versions of Frisk: quiet, shy like, loves monsters, and nice; characteristics of a true pacifist. This shifts after XTale!Sans is utterly forced to do commands that he wouldn't, say for example his dignity to kill XTale!Frisk. He reveals his true self: a vengeful, destructive, willing to risk lives to get what they want, and often thinks what is best for the monsters. However he does care for Cross even though Cross chooses to not side with him, as he was crying when XTale!Papyrus hit him hard and when he was dying, he gave Cross his necklace which was meant for their best friends. He is also shown to care for the other monsters in his timeline.


TIMELINE 0 - New Friend

In this timeline Frisk appeared along with his brother. While playing with his brother with golden flowers, both could hear their father with Ink talking about the OVERWRITE button for the first time. Ink shows them the Doodle Sphere and inspires XGaster to begin creating his world.


This is the first timeline of XTale. Frisk and Chara were given to Asgore and Toriel through adoption. They both were very happy until the first overwrite was done in the world which created the 2nd Timeline because of XGaster's perfectionist ways.


The second timeline of the XTale world after the first overwrite was done. Frisk appeared along with his brother and his brother seemed bit sad because he couldn't forget the past timeline. Frisk gives Chara golden flowers and tells him to forget about that. Soon after the same story begins when they were given to Asgore and Toriel. But things weren't like before as Chara didn't respond very much because he knew that an OVERWRITE will be done again. Frisk tried his best to keep him motivated. Because nothing interesting happened, Gaster killed Sans and Asgore, causing hatred from Chara. After this, Gaster OVERWRITES the timeline once again.


This timeline didn't exist too long only for a few short days. Nothing special happened but Chara tried to speak up to Gaster and Frisk seemed scared.


At the very beginning everything seemed normal. A long time passed and Gaster still hasn’t made any appearance. Frisk was seen in a shop recieving a cake from Muffet. After handing the heart locket to her and leaving, he arrived home and seemed worried for Chara since he had locked himself in their house. After this, XGaster was there with Alphys and he decided to OVERWRITE Frisk to make him commit Genocide. Frisk has particularly destroyed the city, soon be found by Chara. Chara finds XGaster along with Frisk, who subsequently attack him. Muffet restrains Frisk as Chara attacks Gaster. Chara causes a reset and that reset is then followed by another Overwrite.


In this timeline nobody was able to recognise Frisk and Chara just like previous ones. This timeline made them more negative towards the children. Frisk was done and gave up trying to defeat XGaster. They managed to blackmail Alphys but Undyne saved her. After Alphys and Undyne's date, they found Frisk and Chara. They talked about the past timelines with Undyne. XChara was offered training by Undyne and Undyne offered to defeat XGaster with them but Frisk refused. Near the end of the timeline, Undyne and Chara fight XGaster but are soon defeated as Frisk watched them and couldn't do anything. And yet another Overwrite happens.


Following the events right at the end of the previous timeline, XGaster explains that, "Chara is the stronger one." Frisk only watched but couldn't do anything and he felt regret for refusing Chara in the previous timeline.


Chara starts off as the first prototype of the X-Event. He and XGaster share their souls due to their similar traits, being half OVERWRITE and half Determination. He "destroys" Frisk, but convinces XGaster, who attempts to convince him to forget about Frisk, to let him keep him. Chara then OVERWRITES himself into Frisk's body and thus, becomes the second Prototype of the X-Event. Now, he is the source of their power.


Chara appears as a "phantom" behind Frisk. During this timeline, he and Frisk agree that thanks to XGaster, they no longer suffer, until when XGaster orders Frisk to destroy Mettaton. It is implied that the reason why Mettaton attacked Gaster is because Chara possessed him, which easily explains why Frisk was confused by his actions. His appearances in the timeline are lesser than that of the others.


Here, Frisk is seen not as engaged with the world as he used to be, in an almost depressed sense. This is due to XGaster taking away his privilege to interact with his creations. He is first seen at Asriel's ceremony, where he oversees a monster and Human conflict occur, to which he responds with almost killing them all. However, he is interrupted by Papyrus, who stops the conflict. Alphys soon appears and scolds him for running off and returns him to XGaster. For the rest of the Timeline, Frisk is shown to be quiet and sad because of his limitations and possibly because of the previous timelines. However, when he tries to get Papyrus to join him, he almost tries to force him to and appearing as though he were insane, but this ends with him explaining to Papyrus what has happened so far in the other Timelines and the truth behind XGaster. Later, he is seen ready to RESET, to which does happen and it plunges all of them into the Underground at the start of the 10th Timeline. However, everyone (except XGaster, Asgore, Toriel and a few others) are turned into children because of their new life. Frisk however, is shown to be in the Ruins, who is found by Asriel.


The episode begins with XFrisk laying of the bed of flowers, as XAsriel as a child, is seeing Frisk hidden. The name selection is shown as XGaster chooses Frisk as the name. Frisk is greeted by Sans and Papyrus as children. Asriel asks if Sans and Papyrus could play with him and Frisk in their room, XToriel accepts while also being shown with XAsgore and XGaster. XToriel makes a offer for XAlphys (as a child) to play with them. XAlphys replies with no as she said they're all stupid. Frisk is seen quiet while the others were playing. Another entry by XGaster starts with XFrisk standing on the branch of a tree, as the tree could break at anytime. XGaster sees this as seeking attention and asks XSans to use his magic and bring Frisk down. XGaster loses his vision of his spiked hand, making his arm hurt. XGaster grabs Sans' hand to stop using his magic, with Frisk falling, breaking his arm. The next entry starts six years later. XGaster tests XFrisk to break the barrier, as the next entry begins. Frisk successfully breaks the barrier, as humans and monsters now live in harmony. The next entry begins now, as the others start to suspect XFrisk. XFrisk was stated by XGaster to hurt Classic!Frisk but XFrisk refuses. XToriel and XAsgore ask what is going on with XFrisk, but XFrisk states it's stupid and not their fault. XChara as a phantom states that he can't count on XFrisk if he starts acting like a coward. Then they decide to try something else. The next entry begins five years later. XFrisk has used OVERWRITE on the humans, yet having them attack XFrisk. XGaster figured out Frisk and Chara are using OVERWRITE to provoke Gaster. XGaster wants XFrisk to stay alive as long he wants. XChara finds out that XGaster hasn't overwritten the timeline yet, XFrisk can't take it anymore and asks Chara on what they're going to do now. XChara replies with they will continue overwriting fragments of the timeline, they're also close to discovering Gaster's limits. The next entry begins as XSans and XPapyrus are asking XGaster to be part of the Royal Guards in order to protect XFrisk. XGaster accepts the offer. XAlphys notices XFrisk is wandering around the Main Universe again. XFrisk is observing in the Main Unverse, wondering how everyone is happy despite everything they've done. XFrisk returns to X-Tale, drawing on his heartlocket. Ten years later, overwritten humans are trying to hurt Frisk, yet XSans saves him in time, restoring the humans back to normal. XMuffet takes care of the humans by wrapping them in webs, then she tells Sans that it's his turn to bring Frisk home and there's a big surprise waiting there. Sans knows it's the new Royal Guard uniform, which he finds ugly. Later, XFrisk is talking to XSans on how he lost count on how many times humans have tried to kill him. And the fact it's been ten years since then and XFrisk is stating he can be fine without Royal Guards escorting him. Another entry begins, starting with Sans getting his new Royal Guard outfit, Frisk uses OVERWRITE as another entry begins. XPapyrus and XUndyne coming home and XPapyrus says that XUndyne thought kidnapping XFrisk was a good idea. XUndyne says it was a surprise test. The 10th entry begins with XFrisk drawing. During the celebration, XFrisk OVERWRITES Sans to commit genocide by firing a Gaster Blaster at the Dreemurs but stopped by XGaster in time, as the next entry begins. In fear, Sans runs away. In anger, XGaster RESETS back to where the celebration took place. Another entry begins as XGaster melts due to Determination.



Frisk and Chara are both brothers who both want to live a peaceful life but wasn't allowed due to XGaster. Both XFrisk and XChara have some hatred against one another as example from TIMELINE X - Cross.


XFrisk used to be XSans's best friend, during both Timeline II and Timeline X, the rest are unknown. He used to be the person Frisk relied on the most with his problems, causing these 2 to have a great bound together until Cross gets killed by XGaster.

XFrisk, moments before OVERWRITING Cross's code with a Genocide Sans's one.

During Timeline X things differ: XFrisk was Cross's first best and friend when they children, but we didn't get much as XFrisk didn't really interact that much. 10 years after the barrier is broken, these 2 seem to have grown more together, or as much as they could be. Cross and Papyrus have entered the royal guard just for Frisk's sake, to keep him safe from the overwritten humans that kept attacking him. XFrisk has chosen Cross as his candidate to help him eliminate his corrupted soul, but when he learned about the silent war and what XFrisk did, he started to argue, breaking a bit of the chain. When Frisk stabed him in the back, Cross was too furious with him to even feel the pain. He later on revolts, managing to stab XFrisk and grab his soul before he was the one eliminated, and they have a brief conversation, on how XFrisk dearly doesn't want Cross to hate him forever, before he gets stabbed with the HACK Knife.

Ink Sans

Back when Ink Sans visited X-Tale, XFrisk was told by XGaster that he was a friend. XFrisk accepted that fact though it's unknown if XFrisk is still Ink!Sans' friend during Underverse 0.5.


XFrisk hated XGaster no matter what. He kept on using OVERWRITE to push his expectations, for that XFrisk tried to put a end to XGaster, yet failing everytime. He was also forced to do as XGaster pleases, which made XMettaton. In Underverse 0.5, XFrisk was brought back but to work with XGaster again.