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Frisk was the player/Main Antagonist in Undertale Last Breath: Chapter 1.

They were also known as the eighth human to fall into Mt. Ebott.


With their powerful Determination, they had control over the timeline and killed about every monster in the Underground. They did the Genocide Run 30 times.

However, on the thirtieth time, they met their permanent demise when Asgore (who figured out everything while they were having an unexpected fight with Sans) was able to kill Frisk, (with the help of Flowey) and used their SOUL along with the other 6 fallen humans' SOULs to break the barrier.

This only freed both Asgore and Flowey, as almost everyone was killed by Frisk's wrath.



Their appearance is no different as their Undertale Counterpart, aside from their skin looking more tan.


Frisk has a quiet demeanor. Despite this however, this does not excuse them for causing mass Genocide 30 times. They are sadistic and will kill innocent monsters just for their own enjoyment and amusement.

This also makes them an psychopathic megalomaniac.


They usually have the same abilities as Undertale Frisk. However, they refuse to use MERCY, SPARE, or ACT.

Instead they use a knife to kill anyone they come across with no guilt or remorse.


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