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This article contains information that is from a completed AU. All parts of the story have been released and are readable at any time.

Frisky Caretaker is a short sprite comic created by FmsDraws (The creator of Tantamount, the Ask Poppy askblog, Undertale: PaperStory and formerly Undertale AU Crossfire Ultimate) where Frisk takes the Caretaker role. Instead of them, Chara is the protagonist, and Asriel never died and is still a child. The AU ends after the Frisk battle, however, changes outside of the Ruins are implied.

Due to Chara and Asriel not being around yet to cause the buttercup event, Asgore never declared war on humanity, and the other 6 humans lived relatively plentiful lives until they died. It wasn't until around the time Frisk fell down Asgore and Toriel were thinking about having a child. Because of this Asriel is still a child by the time Chara falls down and ruins everything.[1]



Chara is a talking protagonist, and their own narrator. They wear a fully brown shirt rather than a striped one. When they leave the Ruins they get a winter jacket from Frisk.


Frisk is the caretaker of the Ruins, and Asriel's adopted sibling. She's female rather than genderless. They somehow are able to use fire magic.


Asriel never died and thus Flowey doesn't exist. He lives with Frisk in the Ruins.

Froggit Cult

In the Ruins is a group of Froggits that used to steal vegetables. After Frisk put a crown on the scarecrow, they started worshipping it.

Asgore and Toriel

As Asgore never declared war, he and Toriel never divorced, and live together in New Home.



The Ruins are very similar to the original ruins, but with a slightly different layout with different puzzles.

Misc. Changes

  • The battle UI, menu and dialogue boxes are styled differently from Undertale's.