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he was like science sans workes with alphys. his IQ was all the way up to 300.one day he wanted speed because he said it was a pretty intresting element,he knew how to do it,so on a rainy day he went to catch lightning,one lightning came and stroke him right in his right eye,but he just stood up and continue,he grabed some of the lightning and made it into a velocity 100,in this au these monsters has super charged ION'S,when you get sick because of the rain it's just because the water is altering some of your ION'S with the air's ION'S thats why you get sick,now imagine 100 times supercharged ION'S altering all the ION'S in his body going down in his velocity core and creating super vibration charged ION'S that's how he became fast he always tries to get faster.now he is pretty fast.currently he is at mach 122,956.


he is just like sans but not lazy,he uses his speed everytime in battle and he has a high stamina.



he is really fast probably faster then flash,he is so fast almost reaching the speed of light fast enough to reach mach 122,956.he doesn't have gaster blasters or bones he doesn't need them,he is also aware of timelines,and even other multiverse and omniverses,he can do pretty impressive things with his speed such as,entering the speed force,throw lightning,rewind time,phase thru objects,vibrate his molecules,run up buildings and self distruct with superbolt lightnings.


  • he can single handly take Error!Sans and all those stupid gods
  • he is currently mach 122,956
  • he already had supercharged ION'S
  • he is still in his au and still working with alphys but he does jobs like saving people or doing jobs with speed,he also goes to secret places to train his speed
  • he can be standing 500 miles away and in a matter of seconds he can apear in front of you