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Template:Infobox CharacterFun!Sans (usually known as Phylid) is one of 3 main characters from a UT comic series created by SkyBr1ght.



Sans wear a blue jacket with (what looks like a white scarf?), a black long sleeved shirt, black jeans, and a blue shoes. he have a different color for the eyes, his right eye is white while the left one is light blue. sometimes he wears a white blindfold that has drawing of his eye (he use it only for slacking on the job).


Before the event of Funtale, Sans work as a comedian after frisk freed the monster from the underground. before that, he used to be a test subject by alphys and gaster at TRUE LAB, his job there was to test gaster's prototypes. and he love it!

Unlike most Sans in the multiverse, he always keep his promises. despite there's a rule in his AU say that Human must be treated as friends. he still protect every single fallen human there.

he's also a bit unwise about his decisions, leaving him with a lot of bad experiences. but other than that, he's a very patience guy.

Battle Information

His soul is a combination of monster's soul and human's soul (patience).

he has mastered the art of deception so when frisk hit him, he only faking die and when frisk is walking to the end of the corridor they get dunked on AGAIN.... but there's no such thing as killing here. right?


  • Summon Bone attack (White, Orange, Blue, and sometimes Red)
  • Summon Gaster Blaster ( he has a gaster blaster named Kevin, Kevin it's one of a kind "that's cause he's lazy")
  • Summon 2 Scimitars that have the face of his blaster and when he combine it, it turn into a very long broadsword.
  • He make a lot of jokes to make his enemy loss focus
  • Can fake his own death or anyone's death
  • Teleport, He uses a prototype of gaster's and alphys teleporter to make small watch that can teleport him between timelines and AUs.


  • he's a bad choice maker
  • He trust people to quick without knowing who they are or what they want



During The event of Funtale, He get hit by EXECUTE. . . Twice. leaving him unconscious and almost die. and at the same time Ink teleport to Funtale to check on that AU. but he was too late... he see Fun!Sans lying on the ground, he approach Fun!Sans and he then tried to revive Fun!Sans. reminds sans of the things he once fought for... and somehow he did it. but When Fun!Sans wants to thank him, he disappeared into the darkness. then few years later Ink came back to Funtale to see what happen to the AU after he left.


Fun!Sans has promised to Toriel to protected the humans at all cost, at the first time meet Lucy in the ruins, he starts to think that if the promise that he make was a right call, but he ignored that thought. He spies Lucy Through Snowdin and every time she murdered a monster, sans start thinking about his brother. then in his Final battle with Asriel and Lucy, Sans said that he only Losing is cause they were friends in the other timelines (he was talking about Frisk and Chara). Lucy Is Fun!Gaster's Daughter so that makes them as Sibling or something -w-.


His silly and moody younger brother


His creator. Gaster create him and Papyrus in true lab as his child


His Best Friend, and when those two meet each other. ya better expecting a lot of pranks!


they're best bud but She had huge crush on fun!sans but too shy to tell him the truth.


  • Fun!Sans always keeping his promises. (unlike Undertale Sans)
  • His soul is corrupted cause he got hit by EXECUTE.
  • Fun!Sans like to travel to other AU to see if he could help others.
  • Fun!Sans was created on April 9th, but was modified in July 6th.
  • Like other sans, he's like to make puns. and sometimes pranks.