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This is a joke, this isn't meant to offend anyone, it's just to mock those that tried to have the strongest characters.

This was created to mock the buffers and the power scalers of the Undertale Fandom, along with their obsession with the pantheon of Gods of the Undertale Omniverse. Though note that this is not to be confused with the Gods of any established religions within the realm of the Creators.



"God" is the creator of the creators Omniverse and existence and exists in multiverses where creators do not exist and, is everywhere and everytime always.


"God" made existence and Omniverse of the creators 14 billion years ago, and has done almost nothing since. God is currently sitting in heaven relaxing and watching over his creation.

a Note

Remember God is not canon to anything of the undertale fandom since he's in real life in heaven watching over everyone.


Omnivastance (to the point of broken and beyond True impossible to Define levels and truly broken and Beyond True Irrelevant)

He can do whatever and is superior to everyone he wants which means God has the power to do anything that is impossible and no one can beat him and he can do whatever he wants this version of omnipotent is stronger than every single other version which means any new version will still be weaker than this one and God has all omnipotent's versions because he has every single power even ones that don't exist yet or ones that will never exist and he knows everything.

Ahead of everyone

he is ahead of everyone. this means that even people who claim to be the strongest will still be weaker because God is beyond all and ahead of everyone.

Above all Stronger than all Beyond all

God is beyond all and above all which means that no one can defeat him God is stronger than all which means no one will win if they are fighting against God God is stronger than all no one is stronger than God and also because he created something that no one ever did. God created existence

Real life

God is in real life

Beyond The True limits and broken the true limits

God is beyond the true limits which means that he is more powerful than ever even if someone else breaks the true limits they still won't be able to attack God he also has broken the true limits which makes him even more powerful God is truly the most powerful one to exist

Beyond The True Impossible and Broken The True Impossible

He can do anything that is impossible so he can do anything impossible before he did it which means that he already did everything impossible before he even did it

Beyond everything, everyone, anything, anyone

God is beyond everything and anyone and everyone and anything which once again it means he can do whatever he wants


He can create anything he wants and can alter it in anyway he wants

Hack Block

Since he is a deity not from the Undertale Hyperverse, he is not made of code, and so cannot be hacked or altered in anyway


God can teleport to any place in the omniverse he created, and can go into the Hyperverses his creations made, such as the Undertale Omniverse, and all the other fiction Hyperverse we've come up with.

Every Ability Ever and Every Power Ever

Since God made the Omniverse all the creators that made the characters in the Undertale Hyperverse, he has every ability that the creators every thought of and gave to the characters they made, and since God beyond imagination, he has these abilities magnified by infinity.

Abilities/Powers That We Haven't Thought Of Yet Or Abilities/Powers We Can't Comprehend or Abilities/Powers That Will Never Exist

Since God is beyond thought and beyond time and space, he has abilities/powers will give to our characters in the future that don't exist yet, and abilities/powers we can't comprehend and Abilities/powers that will never exist since we are just mere human beings

The one who's above all

He's the one who's above all and nothing can stop him (obviously)

Stronker then

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  • This was created to mock the buffers and the power scalers of the Undertale Fandom, along with their obsession with the pantheon of Gods of the Undertale Omniverse.
  • No one in the existence know about him because he conceals himself so well no one can find him.