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{{Title|GZtale!Sans Name:sans Nicknames:ganz Stats Hp:1 atk:1 Def:10 weapon: Amalgamated blade: he uses his determination to shape-shift his hands into a blade. Dmg:unknown

 GZ!Sans/Ganz Older GZ!Sans.jpg | Current
 GZ!Sans/Ganz Younger GZ!Sans.jpg | Young

<gallery> |author = Golzy |role = Unknown |aliases = Unknown |nicknames = Ganz |relatives = GZ!Papyrus (brother)
<nowiki> [[GZ!Gaster|GZ!Gaster](father)<nowiki><bri> |affiliation = Unknown |alignment = Netural
|music = - Determined Megalovaania - Again and Again FrostFM - Abandoned Grief