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Stories that have been completed:
Season 1

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Glitchtale is an AU created by Camila Cuevas. Though it started as a short animation based on the famous genocide battle with Sans, it became popular enough that Camila decided to make a series out of it.

The AU starts when Frisk resets during the Sans fight, which causes glitches to happen and for Chara to return.


Season 1

Episode Synopsis Airdate
Megalomaniac After performing the Genocide Run, Frisk begins their assault on Sans, but continuously falls to him. After multiple failure, Frisk decides to reset the game and start all over. Before he can do this, however, a HATE-ridden Chara stops him, and ultimately fights Sans. Before he could deal the final blow, Frisk gets in Chara's way, and tells Sans to take his soul. What results is a more powerful version of Sans with two glowing eyes, who kills Chara and resets the timeline. February 27, 2016
February 27, 2018 (Reanimation)
Yet Darker After the previous reset, a mysterious voice feels somewhat strange over the last reset. Meanwhile in Waterfall, Sans asks Frisk if he would like to go to Grillby's, which he accepts. Unfortunately, Frisk doesn't get to the destinated place, and instead finds a door leading to Gaster. He ultimately made Frisk unable to reset at all, and before he could kill him, Sans intervenes, though he can't teleport out either. They ultimately blast their way out from Gaster's door, who is mostly revived when he exits out of the void.

Sans tells Frisk to repeat the same effect they did in the last reset, however Gaster impales Sans and takes Frisk's soul. But with his determination, Frisk frees himself from Gaster, and Sans is saved. He and Gaster then end up in a fight, which ends up in Sans' victory, but Gaster complains about his existence, and in a last ditch effort, he tries to surprise-kill him, but is killed by Sans before he can do so, and resets the game.

March 19, 2016
*Determination While having fun in Hotland, Sans tells Frisk to stop giving him his soul, as much weirder things might happen out of nowhere. Concurrently, we see that Chara returns, and he kills off the Amalgamates before Frisk could get to them. It turns out that those creatures gave him the determination needed to temporarily match his, and he traps Frisk in the DT Extractor, which Flowey finds out horrifically.

After warning Sans, he and Flowey teleport to the True Lab. Chara describes the situation as being interesting. They all end up fighting; Chara also takes his time to ridicule Flowey over his failure to cooperate. As Frisk's determination pops out, Flowey tries to stop Chara from getting to it as Sans attempts to get it, but Chara was able to get it anyway by cleaving off his own arm, which grows back thanks to the HATE he gained.

April 2, 2016
Your Best Friend With Chara back in the world, and him having control of the timeline, Sans thinks it's a perfect opportunity to revive Gaster, using the machine he has. Gaster takes them all to the area where the human souls are being stored, and he convinces Flowey to convert to his Omega form. Chara considers this battle predictable, as he was also able to get the determination from those human souls since none of them actually got used.

Gaster is tasked to protect Frisk, but during one of his attacks, he disables the shield. This enables Chara to hit Frisk, and Sans tries to protect them, but Gaster comes in instead and takes the hit. Despite using his true special attack: a barrage of Gaster Blasters, Chara refuses to go down. He attempts to "share" some of his HATE with Flowey, who opposes it by using the souls. When Chara tries to attack Flowey again, he's met by Frisk, who regains his determination and uses his and the other human souls to fully revive Asriel.

May 2, 2016
Continue While everyone tries to figure out what's going on, Asriel and Chara both confront each other. Chara tries to convince Asriel to erase the timeline, but he refuses, sending both to a battle, which Asriel doesn't want to participate. Asriel tries to stop him by showing him his heart locket, which Chara also has, but he immediately destroys it. In order to get rid of the HATE that surrounds Chara, Asriel uses soul traits to show off their own memories.

Even though Asriel was able to save Chara from the HATE that resided in him, he is unable to stop him from breaking down, and Chara gives Asriel his vessel to reside on. He gives Frisk back his soul and, using Chara's (now his) and the human souls, breaks the barrier. At the end of the episode Sans asks Frisk if he is going to reset, but despite saying no, Sans know this to be a lie. So to keep Sans happy, he breaks the RESET button, and tells him that he want to continue.

June 24, 2016

Season 2

Episode Synopsis Airdate
My Sunshine In an attempt to please Jessica Grey, the leader of the AMD, Frisk decides to show her the monsters from the Underground; before they could, they save a little girl named Betty from getting hit from the car. After showing Jessica Grey Gaster, they head to Toriel's school, but a remark ends the visits short.

Meanwhile, both Asriel and Sans make each other up considering their own past. They both head out to have some burgers, where Frisk ultimately shows Betty, and are stunned by their pink soul. While Gaster figures out what pink means, Frisk goes to the conference where the peace treaty was supposed to be signed; unfortunately Jessica is furious when she finds out that Asgore killed her daughter, and instead she makes a plan with someone else.

October 24, 2016
Dust With Asgore in jail and the uncertainty of the peace between monsters and humans, Frisk decides to spends their time with Mettaton on a TV report, bringing along Betty, Papyrus, and Sans. At the event, however, Papyrus is tricked into dropping the metal girders, and had Jessica not use AMD Project 42, a nullifier, Sans would've stop the girders from hitting the people below. This gives Frisk the idea of resetting, however Sans doesn't approve their plans and ditches them altogether.

Sans and Asriel both infiltrate the AMD security cameras, and find out that Betty was tricking everyone the entire time. Meanwhile, Gaster reads up on the Tale of the Twin Siblings, and he horrifically finds out that the pink soul actually represented FEAR. Before they could do anything about it, Betty kills Sans and takes his soul, and ditches Jessica in order to take the HATE vial themselves.

November 30, 2016
Do or Die While practicing their apology to Sans, Frisk is shocked when they hear the news of Sans' death. Meanwhile, Jessica attempts to apologize to Asgore, but Asgore tells her that he should be the one to apologize to them regarding their daughter. When Undyne finds out that they're were in league with Betty, she also made them apology to Papyrus, who forgives them.

When Asriel and Frisk head to Gaster's place, they didn't think that Gaster would take the news very seriously, with the messy area they created. While Gaster talks with Frisk, they are surprised by pink blobs, which are directly being controlled by Akumu. After defeating all of them, Undyne enters the lab with Jessica, Asgore, and Papyrus, and despite Gaster's attempted murder, Papyrus tells him that Jessica could be useful to him, providing the location of Betty.

Asriel and Frisk both go to Toriel's school to save the children, but while looking for their sister, Cam is killed by one of the pink blobs. Meanwhile, at the Core Expansion Facility, Gaster faces off with Betty, but were unable to predict the amount of power Betty actually had, and were subsequently defeated. Had Alphys and Jessica not intervene, Gaster could've gotten his soul taken as well. Jessica and Gaster both teleport out of the area as Alphys watches Betty be destroyed by the nullifier. This fails, and when Undyne tries to get in, Betty tricks Alphys' soul as theirs so that they can kill her; Betty also kills Undyne, but the sheer determination transforms them to Undyne the Undying.

February 13, 2017
Part 1
Part 2
After being healed by Papyrus, only does Gaster realizes now that monsters were bleeding, thanks to the physical forms they were gaining by having the same foods that humans had. Meanwhile, Undyne faces off against Betty, but by consuming the HATE vial, this made it harder to defeat Betty themselves, but they still flee as Betty was feeling the side effects of the HATE trait, and Betty ultimately scolds Akumu for doing that, but not before eating the pink blobs that actually collect human souls.

Meanwhile Undyne returns to Gaster's Lab, depressed over their loss of Alphys. Before Gaster could mess with Jessica, Frisk enters in, since most of the pink blobs have mostly left the school. Frisk gives Jessica a box containing items from her daughter, Integrity, but Frisk doesn't consider themselves kind.

Asriel and Frisk soon went out for a little talk, and as it turns out, the timeline was glitched right at the beginning; they made it worse when they decided to experiment with it. They were the ones that threw their HATE at Chara, and that destroying the RESET button was their biggest mistake. And by insulting Asriel after that talk, they gained a LV.

During the night, Jessica talks with possibly an HSO officer regarding the barrier around the city, and as they talk goes on, Jessica signs the peace agreement, which she rejected following the failed conference. By morning, Frisk leaves their home to face Betty, but not before insulting Toriel as well, gaining another LV.

Asriel and Asgore have a talk regarding consequences, and the former has a confrontation with Flowey in a dream, where he decides to help Flowey show that his friends are better before he wakes up, takes his heart locket and goes outside to find Frisk. Meanwhile, Gaster is greatly upset when he finds out that Jessica had a HATE vial and despite being force-given by Betty, he doesn't care at all, and wishes he never met her. Papyrus tells him to at least give Jessica a second chance, and to demonstrate that things can be fixed, he gives Gaster his mug, now fixed.

After seeing one of the pink blobs, Frisk ultimately faces off with Betty, but by using FEAR against them, they are unable to stop Betty, but are saved by Asriel instead. Unfortunately, Asriel is killed and his soul is taken as well, which ends up frustrating Frisk so much, that their LV skyrockets to 19, near genocide. Because of their powerful soul, Betty resorts to a last ditch effort; revive Sans with their HATE. Papyrus, who intervened, tries to tells the HATE-ridden Sans that he'll never fight him as long as he's his brother, and this realization ends up removing the HATE from Sans, but this ends up sending him to a coma due to his weak soul; Betty and Akumu both flee. Frisk finally realizes how to defeat Betty and get Asriel back: by using love.

May 29, 2017
(Part 1)

October 3, 2017
(Part 2)

My Promise After absorbing Cam's soul, Betty revives Asriel knowing that he has no one to love. Jessica is sadden to be the forefront of killing Alphys, but Undyne told her otherwise, saying it's her fault she's dead. The two are suddenly attacked by Akumu's remaining blobs, where one of them wounds Jessica before everyone else arrives. After they return, Gaster is shocked when he finds out that Sans has fallen down, and refuses to disclose it to the others. Asgore tells the remaining cast to split; he, Toriel, and Frisk can go to the arena, and Undyne and Gaster to the school. Gaster refuses, and Undyne is uncertain to go.

On their way to the arena, the three of them are ambushed by Betty (now merged with Akumu) and Asriel, who despite Toriel and Asgore's pleading, refuses to give them any love, and instead tries to fatally wound Asgore, but fail ultimately. The three of them flee to find a different strategy, but not before Betty threatens their escape with Asriel's lightning. Back in his lab, Frisk offers Gaster part of his blood in return to enter one of his experiments, sending him to the void to meet Chara. Frisk bargains a deal with him, where he sends his soul to him in order to save Asriel. But it came at a price; Chara would inherit some of Frisk's memories, while Frisk will be replaced and removed entirely; Frisk tells Chara to keep his promise on a better timeline.

Meanwhile, Asriel wakes up to find his heart locket missing, even still mentioning Frisk's name.

April 6, 2018
Game Over
Part 1
Part 2
At the start, Chara attempts to pacify Asriel, though ultimately fails and is killed. In an act of desperation, Chara manages to cause the creation of a second timeline by delivering his timeline's locket to the past, and is then erased.

In Timeline #2, Chara wakes up in bed after being switched with Frisk, not remembering what happened. Gaster notices the blood he collected from Frisk and experiments it with monster soul essence.When it doesn't work, he remembers that Undyne possess Determination, so he goes to where Undyne fought with Betty and collected blood from the ground. Finding the perfect mixture of Determination and monster soul essence, he inserts it into Sans. An hour later, he finds out that not only Sans would die anyways, but he would be alive experiencing everything instead of passing in peace. Later, Undyne is then seen leading civilians to safety, where she meets Ronan Cass. He recieves a call to meet up with Rave Rutrow. They go, where Rave demands to speak with Jessica. Papyrus agrees to go with Jessica, but Gaster doesn't allow him. When Papyrus questions why, Gaster attacks him in a fit of rage. He realizes what he did and goes with Jessica. Chara, Asgore and Toriel leave, placing Papyrus in charge of the house, keeping everything safe. Betty is then seen with Asriel on a building over-viewing the City Arena, ending Part 1.


October 15, 2018
(Part 1)

January 25, 2019
(Part 2)

Hate TBW December 1, 2019

The rest of the story cannot be told yet.


Glitchtale Origins

Episode Synopsis Airdate
The Black Beast Back in time, Agate & Copper Lightvale both watch their new sibling birth as their parent is killed. The story continues from Amber's birth and to where the Tale of the Two Siblings takes place. What really upset Copper in the first place and got him killed turned out to be the murder of Amber from Agate. As soon as he's done over, Agate heads out and uses the forbidden Bête noire spell on the now dead Amber, who's body now resides in Betty. November 18, 2017
Glitchtale Prequel Character: Kanashi TBW July 4, 2019



  • Camila Cuevas has said that Glitchtale is an AT, though due to the umbrella term, it's referred to as an AU here.[1][2]
  • Due to monster logic, if the child dies, the host parent receives most of their magic back. This was demonstrated when Sans was killed, and Gaster regained most of his magic.
    • If Papyrus were to also die, Gaster would regain all of his magic.
    • As a result of this, and of Asriel being alive, Asgore and Toriel are both only half as powerful.
  • The monsters have started to gain physical forms from eating human food. This allows them to both bleed and hold determination.
  • If Frisk dies, the whole timeline will get erased.[3]
    • Since Frisk was erased, this instead applies to Chara.
  • Cami has confirmed that both Frisk and Chara are male.[4]