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Papyrus was created when a Papyrus, over the course of many timelines, was able to make the human repent. However the timeline he was in was destroyed. He was brought to Heaven, and The Lower God made him The Defender of The Omniverse. Papyrus was given extreme amounts of power. He was also given a feel of others' suffering. He understood it, and set to helping everyone. He went along The multiverse, until he encountered a strange trail of destruction. He followed it, and found what had been his brother, Sans. In truth, Sans had died long ago. He had gone to hell, then Virus404 experimented with him. He then turned into this. Papyrus was confused and happy at the same time, and when Anti-God noticed him, the two got into a fight. After massive destruction was caused, Papyrus knew he had gone to far in hurting the beings in the area, so he fled. Papyrus decided he would make it his objective to help his brother in whatever his issue was. Papyrus however had to fight off Infinity Code's forces in order to stop them from destroying more. Infinity Code offered Anti-God that if he destroyed Papyrus, Infinity Code would destroy an AU of Anti-God's choosing. Anti-God agreed. The two again fought to a standstill. Papyrus then told Sans about what had happened to him, and Sans was confused. He ignored the confusion, and kept fighting. Eventually, Papyrus imprisoned Sans in bones, not wanting to hurt him or the people in the area. He brought him to Heaven, where he hoped they could help him. Midway into the process, Virus404 attacked and freed Anti-God, barely with his life. Papyrus swore he would get his brother back eventually, and defeat Virus404 who had made him this way. Papyrus has attempted to find a way in order to accomplish this goal.


Papyrus is generally kind and helpful, however his ego is extreme. Due to the fact he now has extreme amounts of power, and a very important position. Along with still having Classic Papyrus's ego; he is extremely full of himself. Papyrus generally still wants to help people, however he can get abrasive and overbearing at times. He is still awfully naive, similar to his Classic counterpart. He still believes anyone can change if they just try. He also has something of a temper, however it normally just involves stamping his foot. Similar to Classic Papyrus.


Gaster Blasters of Extreme Benevolence

Papyrus can fire blasters that operate similar to Omega Beams, going wherever he wants them to go after fired. If they hit the target, and it is killed. The target's death is completely painless and instant.

Papyrus Abilities

Other than that, most of his normal abilities are here, and the exact same. Other than being more powerful and easy to manipulate

The Blade of Justice

He has a sword which wields extreme power. The blade is unbreakable, and can theoretically cut through anything if the user is strong enough. It can also be used for defense, due to its unbreakable nature.


He has access to wings which grant him flight, and he can also use them to defend himself if he wants. He normally just flies with them, however. As if still does hurt if he's hit in the wings.

Apoctolyptic Defense

He has the ability to defend Universes from destruction with this ability, making them immune to attack. However it does put a lot of strain on him.

Universe Manipulation

Counting technically as a Multiversal level power, due to the fact it can effect Infinite timelines. Papyrus can block buttons such as SAVE, RESET, ERASE, LOAD, and others. Normally he just blocks ERASE, however. He can also manipulate the emotions of an AU. He normally does this to make AUs like Dusttale more happy and Benevolent. (E.G., He changed Dusttale into a Pacifist Timeline.)

Presence of Life

Due to him being a borderline Embodiment of Benevolence, He will make Plants grow as he walks, animals will become less violent, including predators, and generally put the whole AU into a positive mood. This cancels out if he is nearby Anti-God, due to Anti-God's "Presence of Death."

Lord of Time

Papyrus has access to Time manipulation, however he often uses this for good. He will often go to AUs and change small bits in the timeline to make them better. He also has an experimental model of an AU, so he can avoid changing things that would result in an undesired effect. He can mostly manipulate and bend time to his will, however his time manipulation doesn't effect 4th Dimensional or above beings. Since they're above the concept of Time.

Herald of Utopia

If he enters an AU, Natural Disasters will decrease to barely existing, people will become more active and happy. Along with less stressed. Food will exist in surplus. Plagues and Sickness die off in all the matter of a few days. He can turn this off if he wishes, however due to it often causing positive effects, he mostly keeps it on. He can again use this to cancel out Anti-God's "Herald of The Apocalypse" Ability.

Heavenly Reminder

Papyrus can make sad or depressed beings relive the best moments of their life, often causing happiness and excitement. This will also undo the affects of The Scream of Demented Torture.

Merciful Aid

Papyrus can end a being's suffering at will most of the time, however if the being's suffering is to much for him to even fathom, such as with Anti-God Sans, then this ability is useless. It will in that case only slightly calm down the target.

Light Manipulation

He can manipulate things while being nothing but light particles. However he cannot use his magic in this state

Light Omniscience

He can see and know anything Light touches. As in literal light particles. However it can be foggy. He isn't completely Omniscient. If there is no, or barely any Light, he can't see it at all. He also can't see things that are in corrupted zones like X-Tale or The Anti-Void.

Soul manipulation

Papyrus can manipulate and heal the broken souls of others. However when it comes to soul healing, he must do it as soon as it cracks. If it is shards, then he cannot help it. He can also un-corrupt souls that have been corrupted by something like Nightmare's Negativity apple. However this ability is limited depending on how far the corruption is.

Positive Emotion Manipulation

He can make beings feel positive emotions such as happiness, kindness, mercy, love, contentment, etc. He cannot do this to an entity that is extremely negative, such as Nightmare!Sans.

Penance Stare

Similar to The Ghost Rider, Papyrus can stare at someone and they will feel the weight of all their sins. This ability normally inflicts simple KR. Its severity depends on how sinful the opponent is. It is useless and almost helpful to a mostly innocent person. However borderline lethal and extremely painful for someone like Error!Sans. This ability can only be used when direct Eye contact is had.

Dream Master

Papyrus can manipulate the dreams of other entities, making them happy or ending Nightmares. He cannot do this with Nightmares/Dreams that are made by Godlike entities. (E.G., if Infinity Code gave someone a horrible Nightmare, Papyrus could not fix that.)


  • Papyrus easily forgives others, and is willing to help anyone. Even those who were about to kill him. This can leave him easily open to a betrayal kill attack.
  • Papyrus can be driven away by extreme amounts of negativity, however often he will return to fix the negativity.
  • He can be defeated by beings of extreme amounts of power outright, such as someone like Infinity Code or maybe even Anti-God
  • He cares for Anti-God deeply, due to still seeing Anti-God as his brother. He would likely defend him if you tried finish him off. This can leave him open to a backstab from Anti-God himself.


He does not work for anyone in particular, or does he have anyone work for him. He is generally on his own. However he is an ally with all Positive and Benevolent beings, and an enemy to all Negative and Malevolent ones. His only personal relationships are with Virus404, who he wants to defeat for corrupting his brother beyond repair, and Anti-God, who he wants to Save and fix.