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This page is the list about gods. Regarding the whole 'which characters count as gods' argument, This page acts as a guide to the what a god counts as in the Undertale multiverse, and as a list from the different gods and what exactly they are the gods of. If you know another character that counts as a god or if you have created a god, feel free to add it to the page.

Gods are characters who have access to the different realms of the multiverse and take a certain role in the multiverse, whether it's creation, destruction, protection or something else you get the idea. Each god may be powerful or recognizable to be considered a god or being born/created as a god. Gods may also represent more than one thing (ex: Being a god of creation and protection). Depending on what each god does, the god can either be considered major or minor.

True Gods

The Annoying Dog (Toby Fox)

  • Avatar of the Creator of Undertale and Deltarune, Toby Fox.
  • Major storywriter and music composer of the two games.
  • The main reason why the Undertale and Deltarune fandom exist.

Temmie Chang

  • One of the lead artists behind Undertale and Deltarune
  • Creator of the Temmies.

Creators (The Undertale/Deltarune Fandom)

  • The ones who created fan-stories (Tales) to being with.
  • Resides in the real world.
  • Help construct the functionality of the Undertale Omniverse.
  • One of them created Ink Sans, according to the original story of his origin[1].

Big Bang (Uh, well it kinda created itself?)

  • The universe,multiverse and beyond


The Infinity Spaghetti Man

  • God of Puppeteering.
  • God of Power.
  • God of Darkness.
  • God of Spaghetti.
  • True God of Power. (Beyond Omni Sans.)

The Creator - Creator Tale (But Undertale Was The First)

Creator of All Au's

  • Creator of all
  • The Founder and the owner
  • the writer

Legendary! Sans

  • God of Determination
  • God of Bravery
  • God of Justice
  • God of Kindness
  • God of Patience
  • God of Integrity
  • God of Perseverance
  • God of Puns

Corrupted Core Sans

  • God of whatever he wants
  • God of anime
  • god of memes
  • God of destruction and creation
  • God of Gods
  • Protector of balance and gods
  • God of gods
  • Part of the fandom
  • Absolute god of godlike beings
  • a creator that is beyond the 4th wall
  • Major god of avatars
  • a creator
  • Absolutely True god of everything

True Hyperdust Fatal Corruption Sans

  • literally god of everything
  • god of existence itself
  • god of gods
  • god of fiction

lightning sans

  • god of omni protection
  • beyond all
  • god of omniverse protection
  • the most powerful protector
  • above gods
  • god of supreme beings
  • absolute god of undertale multiverse and omniverse


  • Absolute god of memes
  • Absolute god of cringe
  • Anti God of the FANDOM
  • God of FANON
  • Manifestation of stupidly op characters
  • Incarnation of my frustrations with this fandom
  • Manifestation of Absolute chaos
  • The Nemesis Of Canon


  • The God of the Undertale Multiverse
  • The Supreme Multiversal Being of the Underverse
  • Major God of Errors


  • God of destruction
  • God of the dawn
  • The third failure
  • God of nothingness


  • First god of Protection (*He is not a God of creation*)
  • God of Mercy and Spare

King Multiverse

  • The God of Order
  • The God of AUs
  • The Sole founder of Peace.
  • supreme ruler of the undertale mutiverse

Unknown Corrupted Sans

  • God of Virus
  • God of Destruction and Chaos
  • God of Corruption

Alpha Corruption Sans

  • God of Corruption
  • God of Destruction and Chaos

Bugtale sans

  • god of glitches
  • god of errors

Puppet Master Sans

  • God of Puppets


  • God of Creating
  • God of Protecting


  • God of Chaos and Distortion.
  • God of Genocide
  • God of Mischief and Corruption



  • God of life and Resurrection.
  • God of Pacifist


•Minor God of Corruption

Virus Error Sans

  • Minor God of Viruses, Glitches and Errors

Hyper flame tale Power sans

.god of power


  • God of Positively and Dreams
  • Minor God of Creating
  • Secondary God of Protecting


  • Voyager of Time


  • Secondary God of Creating
  • Minor God of Protecting


  • God of Destroying
  • Minor god of Errors

Inferno Sans

  • God of the Underworld
  • God of the Dead

Reaper Sans

  • Major God of Death


  • God of Negativity and Nightmares
  • Minor God of Destroying


  • God of Creation
  • God of Protection and The Balance

Hell Screen!Sans

  • God of Death
  • The New Grim Reaper of the Undertale Multiverse

Fatal corruption sans

  • god of corruptions
  • minor god of errors


  • First God of the Void
  • First God of Evil
  • Major God of the Void
  • Major God of Evil


  • God of the Void
  • God of Control


  • Observer of the Undertale Fandom
  • Lesser god of possibilities and paradoxes
  • Second-in-command of the Timeline Magistrates


  • God of Speed
  • God of Energy
  • Minor God of Time


  • Lesser God of Destroying

Demonise Dust Sans

  • God of demon spirits


  • God of Hacking
  • Minor God of Code
  • Minor God of Morphing
  • Minor God of Hacking (formerly before entering the outside part of the Multiverse)
  • Minor God of Lust (formerly before entering the outside part of the Multiverse)

Defier Jason

  • God of Defiance
  • God of Duality
  • Baron of The Screen
  • God of Rebellion and Opposition
  • God of Awakened Potential
  • God of Liberation


  • God of Time and Timelines


  • God of Time & Space (Doesn't like being called a god)

(Assigned there by Alphasaith)

The Eternal Worm

  • God of Devouring

(Doesn't care about being called a god, regardless it will devour you)


  • God of Executions
  • Executioner of the Multiverse


  • Beyond everything
  • Major god power
  • Minor god of protection
  • Major god of elimination

Glithus Sans

  • Beyond everything
  • Ex God of Fabook
  • Major god power
  • Major god of the major gods


  • God of Ice
  • God/Master of Ice. Snow Storms and Winters

X-Void Sans

  • God of Voids
  • God of Teleportation
  • God of Travels

Guardian Sans

  • God of Protection


  • God of Sun
  • God of Light
  • Minor God of Dreams


  • God of Darkness

Hunter Sans

  • God of Hunting


  • God of Magic


  • God of Antivirus
  • Secondary God of Code


  • God of Space and Galaxy


  • God of creating random Gods

Chaos Virus Sans

  • God of Fear
  • Minor God of Viruses


  • God of Shadows
  • Minor God of Nightmares


  • Lesser God of Hate


  • God of the Seas and Oceans


  • God of Ghosts
  • Minor God of Mercy
  • Protector of the Ghost Realm


  • God of Adaptation


  • God of Mind Control


  • God of Strikes
  • God of Sneak Attacks
  • God of Ambushing

Anonymous TDW

  • Secondary God of Dimensions
  • God of Creating
  • God of Timelines
  • God of Destrustion
  • God of life/death
  • God of manipulation\\\


  • God of Forging
  • God of Metalmaking
  • God of Blacksmithing


  • God of Tricking
  • God of Lying and Mischief


  • God of Portals
  • Minor AU Guardian


  • God of Memories
  • God of True Resets
  • (Not a true Sans, just takes the form of one)


  • God of Murders
  • God of Killing

Omni Death Sans

  • Omniverse God of Death
  • Omni God of Death
  • Grim Reaper of the Omniverse


  • The Destroyer of All Omniverses
  • Omniverse God of Destroying and Destruction
  • The Omniverse Destroyer
  • One of the Strongest Destroyers of the omniverses

Spirit Sans

  • God of Souls
  • God of Spirits
  • Minor God of Life

Infinity Gaster

  • God of Infinity
  • God of the Core

God Sans

  • God of the Seven Core Souls
  • Minor God of Voids
  • God of Soul Traits

Containment Sans

  • God of Containment


  • God of Sky
  • God of Storms,Weather and Lighting

Hollow Asgore

  • God of Minor Gods
  • Leader of the U.R.C

Hollow Toriel

  • God of Minor Gods
  • Second-in-Command of the U.R.C


  • God of Multiversal Breakage
  • Creator (well, bringer) of the End of The Multiverse Timeline


  • Incarnation of War itself
  • parental figure to error 404 sans
  • Creator of XGaster and ant.e sans a minor creator who works with ink!sans
  • Defender of the omniverse
  • Eternal enemy of Omni 404 Sans
  • God of Anomaly Protection
  • God of loyalty
  • God of kings,kings and warriors may receive the blessing of war from War!sans
  • All other entity's in the omniverse either respect or fear him though some very few quite stupid ones apose him and receive an awfull demise

Binary Sans

  • God of Binary
  • Fifth Member of the Timeline Magistrates


  • God of Vengeance

Weapon Sans

  • Bounty Hunter of the Omniverse
  • Omniverse God of Summoning
  • The Bounty Hunter
  • Omni God of Summoning

Protector Asriel

  • God of Protecting AU's


  • God of Hacking
  • God of Hacking Codes
  • God of Hacking Voids

King Omniverse Sans

  • King of the Omniverse
  • Omni God of Command
  • Omniverse God of Command
  • Supreme Ruler of the Omniverse
  • Omniverse God of Order
  • The Absolute God of the Omniverse


  • The Defender of All Omniverses
  • The Defender/Protector of the Spirit Realm and Omniverses

Demon 404 Sans

  • The Omniversal God of the Underworld
  • The Omniversal God of the Dead

Broken!Science Sans

  • God of Science
  • God of Judgement
  • God of Chemistry (not that kind, mate)


  • Primary God of Multiversal Travel
  • Minor God of Code
  • Minor God of Hacking
  • Major God of Nothingness
  • Secondary God of Nonexistence
  • God of Broken Negative Code

Destruction Sans

  • Absolute Destroyer of the 28 Dimensions
  • The God of Gods of Destruction
  • Absolute Glitch God

4th Breaker Z!Sans

  • Absolute God (Creator) Of Everything
  • God / Creator Of All Abilities
  • Absolute FANDOM God

"The Observer"

  • 2nd Absolute God (Creator) Of Everything
  • 2nd God / Creator Of All Abilities
  • God / Creator Of All Embodiment's

Infinity Asriel

  • Multiverse God of Hyperdeath
  • Possibly the strongest being in the multiverse


  • The god of Justice
  • The god of Truth
  • God of war (Before he betrayed CORRUPTION)
  • God of Despair (Before he betrayed CORRUPTION)


  • Beyond the true absolute god (Creator) of everything and anything
  • True God/Creator of All Abilities
  • Beyond True Absolute FANDOM God

Endurance Sans

  • Omniversal God of Power
  • Omniversal God of Thunder
  • Omniversal God of Lighting
  • Omniversal God of Strength
  • Omniversal God of Storms

Beyond Sans

  • The Guard of the Omniverse
  • Guardian of the Omniverse

Sans/The Creator

  • Beyond true Omni-absolute True god and Creator of everything and anything and beyond it.
  • The Creator of existence and beyond
  • Beyond all Fandoms and beyond
  • The limit lime
  • Beyond All
  • surpasses All

Elimination Sans

  • The Executioner of the Undertale Omniverse


  • the god of the Multiverse (because he's basically a corrupted copy of Error404)
  • Error404's equal
  • King of the Apocalypse


  • absolute God of his universe (because if he goes outside of his universe he becomes a lot more weaker)

Infinitey Code (The Ultimate Enemy of the Undertale Fandom)

  • The Ultimate Enemy of Undertale Fandom
  • True god of destruction
  • True god of Madness
  • True god of chaos
  • True god of Evil
  • True god of Insanity


  • God of Hatred
  • True Destroyer
  • God of Malice
  • The Broken God

The devourer of gods

  • The True god of devouring gods even gods that claim to be the strongest.
  • The 1st orb of the Creator
  • Apart of the Creators core
  • devours gods

Fatal Virus! Sans

  • god of omni destruction
  • god beyond Error404 (Fanon)
  • god above beyond
  • god among gods
  • god of pure destruction
  • god of supreme beings
  • true absolute god of all viruses (without any surpassing)
  • absolute god of undertale multiverse and omniverse

Ultra God Sans

  • God of Omni Destruction
  • God of Omniverse Destruction
  • One of the most powerful destroyers
  • above gods
  • beyond gods
  • god of supreme beings
  • absolute god of undertale multiverse and omniverse

Omni404! Sans

  • The Absolute God Of the Underverse
  • Fandom God
  • True Absolute God of Viruses.


  • God of balance.
  • God of sacrifice.
  • Balancer of the Multiverse.


  • The God of Anger
  • Has a demon form


  • The God of Trolling

God-Like lists

Characters that are gods by this page's definition but definitely aren't. This is usually because they are a contradicting species (Such as demons) or would result in nonsense statements like 'God of Blasphemy'.

The Sins of 12

Refer to the Sins of 12 page for more information.

Jason (Dimensiontale)

  • Secondary half God of darkness


  • 'God' of Destruction


  • 'God' of Blasphemy


  • 'God' of Hatred


  • 'God' of Death


  • 'God' of Fear
  • 'God' of Nightmares


  • 'God' of Vengeance


  • 'God' of Darkness


  • 'God' of Obscenit


  • 'God' of Violence


  • 'God' of Corruption
  • 'God' of the hunt
  • Minor 'God' of Lust


  • 'God' of Equilibrium


  • Virus of Deletion


  • The God Slayer

Titans and Deities


  • Titan of Sickness
  • Titan of Infection
  • Minor Titan of Lust (formerly before second reincarnation)
  • Titan of Death and Evil
  • Titan of Reincarnation

Bluescreen Sans

  • Major Titan of Errors
  • Minor Titan of Death
  • Titan of Glitches


  • First Titan of Errors
  • Titan of Code
  • Minor Titan of Glitches
  • The Sole Founder Of The Toby Computer

Lethal!Swap Papyrus

  • Titan of Minor Titans
  • The Only Titan without God-like Powers
  • Second Founder of The Titan Secrets


  • Minor Titan of Sickness
  • Second Titan of Infection
  • Titan of the Plague
  • Minor Titan of Death and Evil
  • Minor Titan of Reincarnation

J. Round

  • Deity of Spoofs
  • Deity of Jesters
  • Deity of Self-Awareness
  • Deity of Chaos
  • Deity of Power
  • Deity of Deities
  • Deity of the 4th Wall
  • Minor Deity of Minor Deities


  • Deity of Gods
  • Deity of Souls
  • Deity of Pacifist

King multiverse

  • god of multiverse
  • god of gods

Protector of the gods sans

  • Protector of gods
  • Deity of Power
  • Deity of Soul Traits


Gods of a thing that are female. They can share the same godly aspect as a God, but they're females.

The Demon

  • Goddess of Creation.
  • Goddess of Hacking.
  • Goddess of Protecting.


  • Goddess of Corruption
  • Goddess of Manipulating

Color (Frisk)

  • Goddess of creation.
  • Goddess of good endings.
  • Minor goddess of protection.

Raven (Chara)

  • Goddess of creation.
  • Goddess of bad endings.
  • Minor goddess of destruction.

Madeline or Madie (Chara)

  • Goddess of goofiness.
  • Goddess of chaos.
  • Minor goddess of protection.

Marry Valiant

  • Goddess of hope.
  • Goddess of life.