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Golden Flowers are a type of flower that is a recurring symbol in Undertale.


Golden Flowers have corollas with five to six yellow petals. They grow on individual stems and appear to grow in patches as well. Golden Flowers are indigenous to the Surface and can easily adapt to new environments, such as the Garbage Dump. Their sticky seeds helped them to be brought to and spread throughout the Underground. They can be used to make tea.

Main Story

Golden Flowers can be seen throughout the game, mainly in the Ruins, the Garbage Dump, and New Home. They are first seen when the protagonist falls on them at the beginning of the game. They also cushion the protagonist's fall after Undyne destroys the bridge above the Garbage Dump.

A prominent Golden Flower is Flowey. Alphys experimented by injecting determination into many vessels, Golden Flowers being one of them. Alphys considered the vessels to be a failure. After the monsters that were injected with determination woke up, Alphys sent the Golden Flower vessel back to Asgore, who most likely replanted it into his garden. Once the monsters began to melt together, Alphys rushed to find the vessel only to find that it had disappeared. The vessel, which was filled with determination, absorbed Asriel's essence from his dust in the flowerbed and became sentient. This is implied to be Flowey, as Flowey mentions how he woke up as a flower in the same garden where that flower grew.

In a Neutral Route, monsters narrate the story of the first human and Asriel that occurred before the start of Undertale. A trio of Vegetoids say that the first human's last wish was to see the flowers from their village; these flowers may be the Golden Flowers seen throughout the Underground.


  • Golden Flower tea is Asgore's favorite kind of tea.
  • A common misconception is that Golden Flowers are buttercups, like the ones the first human and Asriel mistakenly put in a butterscotch pie. This is impossible since Golden Flowers were brought to the Underground after the first human's death.
  • Some have theorized that Golden Flowers are a reference to the real-life flower called the Gorse, which is an extremely resilient flower that blooms and thrives in harsh conditions, similar to how the Golden Flowers can survive in the Garbage Dump. However, the Golden Flowers shown in the game hardly resembles Gorse.
  • It is believed by some fans that when the first human found out that buttercups are poisonous, they chose to eat the golden flowers in order to try to help the monsters escape the barrier.

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