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It is only called undertale green because your culmination is a red like green dameon soul. All characters take head on too seriously. Your attacks are not timed.

Grasytale is a new Au. People may add their ideas. It started as a scratch project. Flowey is the vine team. There are new roles too. two new charecters are dogy of death and dudo. Most charecters are happier and more playful. Dogy of death is related to the annoying dog. Dudo controls the judgement hall. playing and magic are used instead of fighting and acting. This game is happier and killing is bannable. The game is made by Dino1609 while the minigames are by cuteturtle2. The game was made in November 2019 and has no current picture. Undyne is replaced with swimmer, while monster kid is Twiggy the squirell. Twiggy is an actual helper to Swimmer. Sans and Papyrus are replaced by watson. In this game you can get pets. The tem shop is the pet shop. tem flakes are now Tem Food. The game is more kiddy than undertale.

Peaceful route

Similar to the pacifist route.

Neutral route

Low, Normal, and high types

Atack route

Similar to no mercy

Murderer route

Actual no mercy

The phrase is play or get played.

Frisk= grasy

Chara= flower

Flowey= vine team

dudo and dod= new charecters

undyne and m kid= swimmer and twiggy

All minigames and the wiki are in studios by Cuteturtle2.

The game lets you trade lv for money. This unlocks secret endings.

There is a turtle crew. They work for swimmer and unlock swimmer the stupendous.

There are many versions of this Au.

Grassyswap: grassytale plus ts underswap

Grassyfell: It is harder and in the future

Grassyfuse: charecters are fused

You may mix Aus

Dear Ink!Sans

Watson is 48 inches tall and he is the dad of Sans and Papyrus.

The studio is called Grassytale studio for turtles.

The Grassytale characters live under the Democracy of King Dudo. He is not realy a king. He is a president.

Grassytale has many fusion Aus. Grassyfuse is a version made by cuteturtle2. The only sans in grassytale is Watson and the DRIFT sans [reaper and evil.]. The DRIFT sans are made by epicgameroblox.

What it is post of is random.