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Adans, known as GreenBerry, is a human from the overworld but his soul was scattered, shattered, ripped in pieces and destroyed from his mother's death.

Look :


GreenBerry has a gray shirt, with a bright green scarf, green gauntlets and a black gray leggings followed by green boots.

He has black eyes with bright green big pupils, but when he's not having a good day, his pupils becomes tiny white dots.

His magic eye, is a green empty circle.

He has black void hair, and is skinny but thicc

Personnality :

His personnality is very kind, gentil, happy and very friendly.

But it can turn at a lazy, emotionless and unfriendly guy who do not cares about anything, when he does abseloutely not feel about to be kind, at all.

Split Persona :

He actually has a split person inside of him, a crazy, mad, insane, himself, everyone says hello to Yan!GreenBerry !



Yan is Green's split persona, he got created by Adans' hate, and will to kill for someone he really likes, Yan can finish all of Green's work,

he can just take control of Green's body and kill anybody since Green is too kind for that.

Yan!GreenBerry has the same clothes, colors as the regular GreenBerry but just darker, and got red eyes instead of green and his eyes can bleed black liquid or even spit blood.

But Green hates Yan, he wants to get rid of him, but he can't..

BackStory :

Adans, or GreenBerry as we call him, was a poor child at his young age, destroyed by his mother's death, he got no soul, but he can fake his expressions very well with his mix of bright green colors.

His eyes : We know it's a human, right ? But why does he have black eyes like that ? You'll get the anwser in his terrible backstory :

Since he was poor, he was forced to steal food of a woman that bought bread near the bread shop, but this woman is more than that, she didn't feel angry or mad at each bread Adans took from her.

One day, when he tried to get home quick by running, he fell onto young aged bullies, 3 of them.

They started to punch him, several times, and finished by launching him into a wall, but so strong he became blind from the impact, bleeding lake from his eyes, he screamed from the top of his lungs.

The woman, who got stealed over and over, came at Green's painful scream, as she was running towards him, the others that injured him fell down and didn't move one inch, like playing dead, as she got Adans' vision back to normal, but instead of getting white eyes, they are just holes but with white tiny pupils, but suddenly turned green and getting bigger with his "emotions" to be thankful to her.