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For Handplates and Dogtags's inspiration source, see Handplates.

Handplates and Dogtags is an AU made by Kakashigirlfighter. It is an entirely written story AU as instead of the comic style Handplates has.

Like Handplates, Sans and Papyrus are known as 1-S and 2-P and are the subjects of Gaster's experiments. They remain mostly unchanged with the exception of occasionally being referred to by the names Sans and Papyrus. The brothers are mirrored by a set of human sisters that somehow walked into the underground through the barrier and were found by W.D. before Asgore discovered them. The sisters, Adora and Adin, were given a set of Dogtags with W.D.G. A-1 and W.D.G. A-2 Respectively.