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Hank from Madness project T4L3 (MPT) takes the place of Sans, MPT is a crossover alternate universe between Undertale and Madness Combat


Hank has his dark grey coat zipped up with a black belt, black bandanas around his mouth and forehead, fingerless black gloves, wears black goggles with red lenses, dark grey trousers and grey shoes.


Hank is shown to care for little besides fighting and killing and he is rarely phased by anything. Hank rarely shows pain no matter how battered he becomes and when stuck at an obstacle, Hank defaults to the violent approach first


Like in Undertale, Madness project T4L3 has multiple routes. In the Pacifist and Neutral routes Hank tries to ambush you (the player) before befriending you. After that, in the end of the journey he will judge your actions.

In the Genocide route the player will fight him and after killing him, Hank will revive using his Mag form before the player finally defeats him once for all.

Powers and Abilities

Hank is an excellent hand to hand combatant, he exhibits incredible agility by jumping several meters in the air and performing flips and dodges with ease. His reflexes are quick enough to allow him to dodge or even deflect bullets and melee attacks with ease, using bullet time if necessary.

Hank's resistance to damage doesn’t seem to be superior to the other characters from MPT, but his resistance to pain is rather phenomenal. Also, his fighting skills are almost never affected, even after being damaged or next to fatally injured.

After death, Hank can be magnified to a size close to that of a Mag Agent. In this form, his strength is high enough as to successfully brawl with. As a special ability, he can channel the electricity through his arm and create devastating lightning punches.