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DecInside, here. I am the lead developer of an au (due to many reasons, I will not talk about it here), and as such, my duty is efficient organization and refinement of wiki articles. Reading this wiki, my instinct is immediately to fix it as I can. So naturally, I will do my best to kickstart this wiki page, by organizing it. Regardless, I will not be doing everything myself. I am simply moving things along as need be. For any questions, please contact me. And one last thing; not all of this may be accurate, as all of my sources are from the Youtube animated series. Nothing more nothing less.


HardTale is an animated Undertale Alternate Universe series found on youtube, made by CedDrawsNear. The full series can be found one his channel. Hardtale seems to be an Undertale AU, where everything is much more intense. Monsters are more aggressive, actively seeking out to kill frisk. Despite this aggressiveness, and frisk defending themselves rather violently, frisk manages to befriend all the monsters along their way... because Undertale logic, I guess.

Main Characters (In order of appearance)

I'll put separate links for characters, but here I will summarize their profiles.


Despite everything, frisk is literally the same. Same blue and purple striped shirt, same blank expression, same neutral attitude. For minor differences, there is nothing very note worthy to put here.


He is still the same. Well, partly. His personality is the same, but like all of the characters in this au, his attacks hit like a semi truck. The only major difference is he has purple petals, the opposite of his normal yellow.


Gone is the shy, passive ghost we know and love, and in comes an aggressive, hardcore ghost looking for blood. Hardtale Napstablook is black rather then white, yellow eyes, and a big grin to set up this new character. But after defeating him, he turns to a yellow-ish white, keeping the yellow eyes and smile, and turns to a neutral attitude.


Gone is the gentle, "goat mom", wearing a dress who bakes you delicious pies. In battle, she is shown to wear a set of armor shared with many of the royal guard. Focused on burning frisk alive, to test them, with balls of inferno. After the battle, she still appears to be as nice as before, though.


The Skeleton himself. Sans, a lot of the time, is a chill guy. But not when meeting this version. A not-so-cool skeleton, he wears a red jacket and shoes, still outfitted with that famous smile of his. Battling him, he still holds his smug personality, but he is still brutal in his tactics to win. After sparing him, he claims "Hey thanks kiddo. I didn't really wanna kill you.", implying he was simply doing his job.


Once again we find a major difference with a character in this au upon meeting them. Papyrus is a wholesome character seeking only friends and recognition. Not this one. Wearing attire fitting for a royal guardsmen, he proudly wears a yellow scarf, gloves and boots with a scar on his face while he arrogantly attacks the human as soon as they meet. Defeating him, he comes to terms with frisk befriending him just as the rest.


Not much changes (other then the obvious). Unlike most, frisk doesn't really befriend the dummy as the dummy just escapes.


The badass herself. She wears a... slimmer version of her original armor, and has green hair. She holds a... green spear? doesn't look that much like a spear but we'll go with spear. Undyne is far more aggressive, as Papyrus comes to protect the human, Undyne doesn't hesitate to try to cut Papyrus down to get to frisk. Sans intervenes to yeet Undyne out of the way but Undyne still chases the human, only passing out in Hotland due to the heat.


Not much to go off of, other then she hasn't an ounce of shyness left in her.


He's purple, ig. Also he is much more aggressive, as is normal for this au. He is also nigh invincible to most physical attacks (more on that in a bit).


S p i d e r l a d y . Other then what has been established by this au, there is nothing different.

Mettaton EX

Mettaton EX is like, as for the theme of this au, normal. But with differences. He focuses much more on hand-to-hand combat. Unlike normal, he has his second eye that reveals after enough beating up, lifting the hair because... why not?

Story (Explained by an idiot)

I don't really know the deeper lore, but I know the events, obviously. I will be leaving out bits that don't provide enough information/can't be interpreted by me properly.

YourBestFriend HardTale

Flowey go YEET.


In all seriousness, when Frisk meets Flowey, Flowey just attacks them with a friendliness pellet that hits like a semi truck, then Flowey gets set on fire by Toriel.

HardTale GhostFight (MINI)

In this one, Frisk encounters Napstablook, and Napstablook engages in battle with them. He gets 2 suits of armor, presumably possessed, to try to defeat them. Frisk goes stabby stabby and a moment later wins. Napstablook just goes "gg" and leaves.

HardTale Heartache

Goat mom fights Frisk because of the same reason in Undertale ig and spams the fireballs at them but Frisk wins anyways because of the power of being a protagonist. Flowey was waiting there like normal slow clapping.

Megalovania HardTale

Frisk hears the first 4 notes of Megalovania and goes "ah shit, here we go again." and turns around. Sans is of course standing there behind them totally not like a stalker and goes "Let's just get to the point." And so Frisk steals the first attack by slashing Sans. But, surprisingly, he has more then 1 defense, and takes 0 damage. Sans shrugs it off and yeets frisk. 50 seconds or so later of child abuse sans gets tired and so he asks Frisk to spare them. Frisk does this, and so sans accepts. Then sans pulls the "I don't really care... but my brother," line...

Bonetrousle HardTale

Papyrus: "SANS! WHERE THE F* HAVE YOU BEEN" Sans: Already gone.. Papyrus: "Whatever." And so Papyrus got battle ready, and Frisk went into gamer mode. 40 seconds of child abuse later papyrus uses his "SPECIAL" form. He transforms, and after, frisk kick him in the balls. No joke, roll credits.


Wait how is he relevant to the story lol?

HardTale Dummy! (MINI)

The Dummy likes knives. that's all he just likes knives.

HardTale SpearOfJustice

Papyrus tries to protect Frisk from Undyne, for some reason, and so Undyne attacks anyways. 30 seconds of papyrus abuse later, (I swear are they purposely going down by 10 on purpose or something?) sans comes in, stops time, then YEETS Undyne, and unstops it so Frisk can get away. They reach Hotland, out of breath, and Undyne runs out of breath and flops over due to being a fish out of water.