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Hate!Sans is a creature of pure hatred. Despite looking like a Sans, he isn't a skeleton, but a bunch of black smoke and magic.


Throughout countless resets, one day Sans gets DETERMINATION … To remember what happened.

Since Sans was one of the only monsters in the underground who can remember the resets, every time the human did a reset, Sans started to hate the human more. Because of Sans's hate, Hate!sans was created from pure hatred and Sans's magic, as well as magic from the underground.

This lead to Sans having a double life, using Hate as a second personality in order to get rid of the human, steal their soul and power. But Hate was conscious by then, he took a physical form and began to spread hatred through the whole underground, but then when that wasn't enough, he threatened Sans with the life of his brother in exchange for the human's soul.

Sans obliged, traded the soul but Hate didn't stand true to his word, he killed Papyrus right in front of Sans, while reminding him that his hatred had caused all the chaos and suffering in their world.


He has a smoke-like appearance, likewise he doesn't seem affected by physical attacks towards his body.

he has bright red eyes with white pupils and black cat slits, black bones and clothes that look like smoke in some parts as well as part of his head.


He is the embodiment of hatred, mostly towards humans, his persona can be calm and collected at first, then completely lash out when he sees fit.

He is one who uses others for personal purposes, some however are exceptions if he has no control over them.


  • He feeds off of hatred. When he feeds one's hatred, the subject will be left in trauma. Using this he can induce hatred in others with a passive aura to cause conflict, feed off it and gain more power.
  • He can't be touched or damaged if he doesn't wish to, because of his smoke like body, this saves him from physical attacks, while some magic attacks do damage him, unlike Nightmare, he doesn't take damage from positive feelings, just has a degree of disgust towards them.
  • he can summon familiars in the form of snakes who do his bidding and induce the passive aura of hate.


He seems to enjoy a life of solitude and thus, avoids others.