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Heaventale is an AU of The Afterlife, where it is completely perfect and blissful. The characters are also more happy and joyous. Genocide is not an option in this AU, as none of the monsters attack you. Its other versions are "Intermediary." And "The Hellish Tale." It mostly follows Frisk as they go around the underground after their death.


- None of The Monsters intend to hurt you for any reason

- There are much more people and monsters, as it is Heaven.

- It is much bigger than just the underground

- All The Main Characters are Archangels, Other than Asgore, who is the equivalent of God, Toriel, who is the equivalent of Mary, Asriel, who is the equivalent of Jesus, and Chara, a tortured soul that escaped from "The Hellish Tale."



Frisk is a Frisk from a Pacifist Timeline who Died of Old Age and went here. They had never done a Genocide or Neutral route. They are mentally 102, however physically they are 24. They still have something of Classic Frisk's childish curiosity, however they are much more mature. They were also have a positive relationship with all the Archangels and other creatures in The Heavenly domain


The Cloud in Flowey's Role, this is a dead Underfell Flowey, who's spirit passed on. However, due to his lack of a soul, he instead turned into a cloud. He remained this way, and helps Frisk around the heavenly domain, as they remind him of his Frisk, whom he was on mostly good terms with.


Toriel is similar to Mary, as she was a woman without sin who raised Asriel. She died and was brought to Heaven. She guides Souls through the afterlife to get to where Sans is. She helps any Souls that got lost along the way and is extremely kind and gentle.


Sans is an Archangel tasked with ensuring souls that come in were judged accurately. He is much more happy and upbeat than his normal counterpart, along with extreme enthusiasm. He is still somewhat lazy however, and still enjoys puns.


Papyrus is The Older Brother of Sans, and The Archangel who helps Souls to their homes in The Universe. He is even more enthusiastic and upbeat than his brother. He doesn't like puns, as he prefers Knock-knock jokes. He is always on the job, however doesn't get enough sleep, so unless he gets his morning coffee, he can often be more agitated.


Undyne is The Guardian of Heaventale, and will fight anyone who intrudes there. She is extremely powerful and forceful. However she still has the kindness of many members of Heaventale. She is In charge of Papyrus and Sans, however they both follow and respect her. She is in complete servitude to Asgore


Alphys is The Scientist and works on certain things to make the area better or making intruding it harder. She is very hardworking and busy, however she is still quite kind. She still does act bubbly and somewhat scared. She respects Undyne and is still in love with her, same as her Undertale counterpart. She still has quite low self confidence.


He is The Main Entertainment, and while he is still vain, he is less selfish. He lets people be on his show, however there is a massive waiting list. He is very kind to his fans, however he is still quite full of himself. He is friends with Alphys, as She is his creator. He is also a backup guard, in case Undyne needs assistance.


He is The King of the domain, and represents God. He is still below Annoying Dog for obvious reasons, however he is a godlike entity, far surpassing many. As he is The Creator of Heaven. He is Asriel's Father, however he and Toriel are not in a relationship. He is quite nice and gentle, he acts quite similar to Biblical God.


He is The Prince, and The Son of Toriel (His Human Form.) and Asgore (His True Creator.) He represents Jesus Christ. He is slightly weaker than his father, but still extremely powerful. He has no God of Hyperdeath form. He cares greatly for all living beings, as he is benevolent. He is very similar to Biblical Jesus, but with Asriel's Naivity and Curiosity


Chara is From "A Hellish Tale." And they escaped from that place to here. They seek to steal Asgore's power and become a God. They are Power Hungry and Manipulative, along with still being very powerful, hence why they escaped A Hellish Tale. They are sociopathic, and do not care about what they have to do to Accomplish their Goals. They often sneak about Heaventale, trying to avoid detection.