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History Recast (HiRe) is the reboot of Swapshift, an Undertale Role-Swap AU combining Underswap and Storyshift.

Swapshift was rebooted into History Recast because Brenny114 complained about people making fun of it.[1] So Andoro-T and Brenny114 rebooted it, with Andoro-T saying that "Swapshift" is basically a shitpost, has bad reputation, and that he wasn't happy with the current comics.[2]

The backstory goes as follows: after consecutive Genocide runs, Chara had enough and defeats Frisk with the power of the SOUL Frisk gave them. Then Chara resets, causing something to go wrong.

Character Changes

  • The Protagonist Role is taken by Chara.
  • The Empty One Role is taken by a secret character.
  • The Caretaker Role is taken by Sans.
  • The Recluse Role is taken by Undyne.
  • The Judge Role is taken by Frisk.
  • The Ambitious Role is taken by Monster Kid.
  • The Idoliser Role is taken by Asriel.
  • The Captain of the Royal Guard Role is taken by Asgore.
  • The Royal Scientist Role is taken by Toriel.
  • The Celebrity Role is taken by Alphys.
  • The Monarch Role is taken by Papyrus.
  • The Soulless Angel Role is taken by Mettaton.
  • The Fallen Role is taken by Napstablook.



  • Unlike Swapshift, History Recast doesn't swap personalities.