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For the Undertale post-neutral AU, see Horrortale.

Horrorrune is an AU of Deltarune created by ImToxicWaste and The Gravity Breaker -and later adopted by Gavineo Axius and Little-balloonicorn- that is much darker and more dangerous than the original.

In the Dark World, the Dark Fountains have made many of the Darkeners mutate, go insane, or both, and those who were unaffected got affected by The Emperor's (Chaos/Spade King's name in the AU) terror.

Meanwhile, the Light World is filled with real life horrors, and monsters can't use magic, unlike their Undertale counterparts.

As of now, the main story hasn't started, but backstories of the characters are currently in the making, and some of the older character stories are being rebooted to be darker and more horrific.



Dark World

Light World


  • Monsters can't use magic to create a more realistic setting in the Light World.
  • The server/page logo was made in an art contest.
  • The AU has had transfered ownership at least 3 times.