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IXOZ is an UnderTale AU character created by UnderHell Sans, and owned by BladeInTheLight

IXOZ is an Anti-virus bent on deleting the entire UnderTale Multiverse



IXOZ came into existence after UnderTale was destroyed by Shadow!Chara, and has been carrying out their purpose


Their mission is to completely destroy the UnderTale multiverse, seeing it as a virus. To do this they have enlisted the help of Containment!Sans, to collect enough determination to carry this task out.

Power and Stats:

IXOZ is extemely powerful compared to most of the UnderTale Multiverse

Shape-Shifting They can take on the form of anything and anyone, though is most commonly seen in the appearance of a male Sans

Admin They can manipulate code to their will, though they only have access to certain types of code, that access grows the more determination they aquire


They are incredibly self-righteous and cocky, seeing their power as a justification for any atrocity they comit


  • He technically comes from outside the multiverse
  • IXOZ has no true form of his own
  • IXOZ is the only character who knows the true nature of The Creators
  • They were created when Bladeinthelight created AdditionalTale after the destruction of UnderTale