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Virus Sans also called as the infected appears in virus tale and is a virus infected skeleton most similar to Error Sans sans gained control over the data of the game in order to defeat chara "data" here refers to the structural information of the universe as well as its very reality sans being able to alter and destroy those as collateral damage in his fight with chara would give him information manipulation and reality warping he tanked the destruction of the reality down to its information which logically should give him information manipulation resistance then his transformation into a virus an entity whose very existence threatens all that exists in the mainframe.


Infected appeara to be a black skeleton and has a furry red hoodie and black jacket with red eyes and a cyber line in his left eye.


Error Sans-his friend

Abilities and Powers

Reality Manipulation

He can control, alter, erase, create and destroy reality. He can manipulate reality at the Mid Hyperversal+ level

Virus Infected

He can turn any being into a type of monster virus to help him in battle or fight. These monster only take order from Infected Virus and no one else

God Control

He can control god beings that is weaker or equal to him. He can command what ever he want to those god being no matter what


He can read soul of anything, allow him to see the past, present and future of them with just in 1 second