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Inferno!Sans was the Sans of BrimstoneTale, which is currently no more, due to Pestilence!Sans.

His creator is Hoshi-Tsubasa on Tumblr.

A 2020 redesign is currently in progress by the creator.


Inferno!Sans was a normal sans-type skeleton. He had a gold tooth on his left side and yellow eye-lights with white-surrounded glowing red pupils.

He wears a maroon and gold-trimmed jacked with a grey hoodie (also gold-trimmed) with yellow sleeves over a red-orange turtle-neck. He had grey shorts with yellow stripes down the sides along with yellow socks under maroon and yellow sneakers.

A 2020 redesign is currently in progress by the creator.


Inferno!Sans was lazy like most Sanses, but had a bit of a temper. When not pissed off, he had a fiery passion and spoke with gusto.


His AU was heat-based everywhere. Other than the fiery theme, BrimstoneTale was essentially UnderTale.

When his AU was invaded by Pestilence!Sans, nobody took any notice until it was too late. By then, Pestilence!Sans had seized control of Inferno!Sans' mind and used him to drain the remainder of the AUs magic.

With that, BrimstoneTale was no more.


Along with usual Sans abilities like Gravity Manipulation and Gaster Blasters, he also had pyrokenesis.



As Pestilence!Sans' first host, he was originally unaware of the latter's presence. However, once he realized what was happening, he treated the parasitic-being with disgust and hostility. This caused Pestilece!Sans to treat Inferno!Sans with scorn as he slowly killed everything in BrimstoneTale.


  • Strange enough, he didn't like anything spicy, favoring sweets to it.
  • His favorite condiment was chocolate fudge.
  • When he was living, he enjoyed going to Grillby's for a bonfire.