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Infernotale is an AU where Sans and Papyrus have a mystical power in their soul known as the Inferno.  Anyone with the Inferno had the ability to completely tap into it's immense interdimensional outerversal power, becoming the most powerful thing the multiverse would ever see. It however would come at a cost. The loss of one's true self. It would turn one completely evil with no remorse. It is nearly impossible to reverse the Inferno's effect on the mind.

After hundreds of genocide runs Sans made a plan. Before Sans could commence his plan however, the human was finally talked into showing mercy by Papyrus. Sans watched the whole thing. Papyrus noticed Sans watching and cried out to him "Sans I saved the human!" Sans, in a moment of blindness, chose to still commence his plan wanting the human to pay for their past crimes, and ignited the Inferno within and he transformed into a demon. He would soon go on to kill everyone else in the underground except papyrus and destroy their universe.

Papyrus was helped by The Astral Being and he fled safely. The Astral Being would later teach Papyrus how to reverse and tame the Inferno becoming an angelic being. The now, Archangel!Papyrus, would be the ultimate protector of all, and his brother, the now, Devil!Sans would be the ultimate corruption of all.



Sans was very similar to his Undertale counterpart. He liked puns pranks and sleeping. The only thing was that after the first few genocide runs he acted quick. He tried everything he could. He tried absorbing the Human souls, he tried injecting himself with determination. The one thing he never thought of ever trying was talking with the human. Papyrus always

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