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Once Error404Would See Error Talking To A Mysterious Being Error404Wouldn't Have It Error404 Tries To hit The Mysterious Being It Doesn't Do Much But Give The Mysterious Being Only Takes One Piece Of Damage It Was Infinity Code

After A Long Battle Error404Knew He Wouldn't Win The Battle So Before the Last Hit Error404 Fused With Infinity Code Error Was Terrified He Ran As Fast As He Could But He Wasn't Fast Or Powerful Enough So Error Wasn't Seen Again He Was Getting More Powerful Every Second He Was After All Infinity.


He Has Three Sides Of Henchmen First Side Is Weaker One Second Side Is Normal One Third Side Is Stronger Side

Virus404 (Weaker Side)

Once Error404 In the Mind Said Take Him Virus404 Couldn't Even Do Anything To Stop It

FatalVCode (Weaker Side)

He Literally Kidnapped Him And FatalVCode Was Like Okay

He Just Likes His Vibes

Omni404 (Frenemy)

Thinks He Is A Toy But He Justs Sits And Waits For Omni404 To Screw Up

OmniBreaker And OmniDestory (Lower Elites Weaker Side)

ALPHA404 FANON (the one who have killed him)

He Just Likes Them



Has Three Eyes All Of Them Are Red What Embodies Him Is the Sans Multiverse Has Four Different Arms One Arm of Caple Of Mass Destruction Enough To Destroy A Small Fandom And All Of Them Are Caple Of Destroying A Large Fandom Has A Large Crystal Thing That When Destroyed Destroys The Fandom


At least 47 Centillion Times More Powerful Than InfinityCode And OmniDestory

Once He Stated To Be Able To Beat 4th Breaker Z But When He Fought Him 4th Breaker Was Using 1.5% Of His Power And He Still Mated 4th Breaker Z And Remember Glitch504 Is 1.2% Of 4th Breakers Power

Some Times He Likes To Protect Even When His Evil

He Once Ate 80 Hot Dogs Oh Nah I was Just Hungry While Writing This

He Has Access To The Toon Force.

He Got Banished From EveryThing By 4th Breaker Z And Still Came Back

The More You Fight Him Or Just Stand Near Him he Gets More Powerful Once He Eventually By Standing Different Op Sanses He Got A Match For Omni404 (Note Both Were Going All Out) He Lost But This Also Makes Him More Powerful In A Rematch He Won By A Clutch


OMNIPOTENT Self Explanatory

Omni Manipulation Able To Manipulate OMNIPOTENT Beings

Omnificence Able To Basically The Destroy Most Of Anything

OmniKinenis Self Explanatory

Omnipresent Self Explanatory

OmniFarious Knowing All Type's Of Fighting Skills

Omnilock Able To Lock Anything And Souls

Absolute Will The Will To Survive Most Of Anything

Absolute Thought He Mind Can't Be Controlled And His Thoughts Can Almost Do Anything At Peak Able To Destroy Entire Fandoms

Mind Over Existence Transcends Existence

Mind Over Non Existence Reverse Of Mind Over Existence

Metaphysical Able To Code His Body To Regenerate It

Dues EX Machina A Gun A Gun That Destroys Fandoms

All OmniVersal Powers Kinda Self Explanatory

Boundary Manipulation Able To Manipulate Reality Boundaries Ect.

Center Manipulation IDK

Ultimate Invincibility Can Survive Multiple Fandoms Being Destroyed At the same time

Non Existence Can Survive In It

EDITOR'S Power Can Edit Sanses Powers

INFINITY ARMS Can Manipulate And Destroy Fandoms

Some God Powers Self Explanatory

INFINITY Blast Able To Destroy Large Fandoms


Satanism sarcastic But Is Quite Pathetic When Push Comes to Shuff