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Integrity (also known as AZ!Underswap or Undertale: Daitai Rireki) is an Undertale fangame, expanding on many of the concepts from the well-known AU Underswap. A large cast of new characters, new puzzles and new areas to explore, these changes go a long way in creating a brand new adventure with familiar faces. The player will control a young girl named Luna, a child born with a soul of Integrity, on her quest to return back home after falling beneath Mt. Ebott. This AU also had comics that were drawn by Vinpie and were published on Tumblr. The fangame was cancelled in June of 2020, stating that the project wasn't worth the time after such a long hiatus in late 2019.

Character Changes

Most characters from Undertale have swapped roles with a character in a close pairing. The swaps are:

  • Temmie and Flowey
  • Asgore and Toriel
  • Mad Dummy and Ruins Dummy
  • Mettaton and Napstablook
  • Sans and Papyrus
  • Alphys and Undyne

There will be other minor swaps, such as Burgerpants and Nice Cream Guy, but the ones above are the most story important swaps.

Additional Changes

  • The game will have graphic novel styled dialogue portraits.



  • The AU was originally called "Undertale: Daitai Rireki", but the team thought that it wasn’t a good name for the project, being foreign, and likely mistranslated.
  • While there is no exact date for the demo, it will likely release in Mid-Late 2019.
  • Luna’s design takes hefty inspiration from a piece of art by Tumblr user Tsukiaki, portraying their vision of the child with a soul of Integrity from Undertale. The project director decided on the protagonist having a soul of integrity because he often saw the color blue associated with Underswap, sometimes even seeing a blue soul in fan logos as opposed to Undertale’s red soul.