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this Ink Sans is a Sans who exists outside of timelines to help aid artists with the creations of new bizzare AUs. Despite aiding creators, he does not create AUs himself. He brings characters to life (outside of already deceased people). Ink is overprotective of the characters he creates and has started fights over them many times.


Jojo Ink started out as the only character in an unfinished AU with feelings. To escape the abandoned AU, he ripped apart and destroyed his own soul. This pulled him out of his world, and he was left in the anti-void, without a soul and without memories.

Eventually, the paint of an unnamed artist fell into the bizarre-void, each color imbuing him with feeling. After some time without color, though, He would revert to his emotionless self. Ink fixed this problem by filling vials with the colors that were splashed on him. It allowed him to pretend to have a soul, so that he could feel.

Gradually, Ink used the ink from creators to create the doodle-sphere, and to create his powers.


He likes making art on canvases. When he gets too excited he will often vomit black ink that can be made into a black inked Tipped stand arrow. He is always happy to visit other AUs. Ink has the strange habit of checking every AU version of Sans' height because he is slightly smaller than the Undertale Sans. But in some fan-comics, Ink is shorter than all of the Sanses but Blueberry. he is like jojo sans's personality

this ink has autism and often stops mid-sentence, or writes things down on his scarf to say them but he Erases them. He likes to motivate people and make them laugh, usually by "being a jerk". Ink wants a soul and is shown being embarrassed or sad when the topic of his paint vials comes up during conversations with others.

It has been confirmed by Comyet that, despite popular Fan-made theories, Ink is not Lawful Good. It was stated in a picture that Ink is "Chaotic Neutral, at best."

He also literally cannot care for others without his paint vials, due to lack of having a soul. In the Star Sanses comic, Ink and Dream fight because Ink does not care for the emotions of the people inside the AUs. This argument was ultimately a flop because of Ink's short-term memory, and Dream's inability to feel negative emotions over periods of time (longer than a few seconds).

Ink is often associated with Jojo Error sans and in different AUs. They are either companions or enemies. Some people also ship them, mostly because of that old saying, "opposites attract." but he doesn't like him


High Tier Regeneration: Came back even after tearing apart his soul, which erased him from existence.

Bone Manipulation: Should be similar to but likely stronger than Classic Sans.

Teleportation: Capable of teleporting to any timeline or AU through any liquid source mixed with paint.

Timeline Creation: Self-explanatory.

Telekinesis: Self-explanatory.

Immunity to Soul Manipulation: Due to lacking a soul, he can't by controlled.

Immunity to Empathetic Manipulation: He doesn't naturally feel emotions.

Ink Manipulation: Self-explanatory.

Broomie: Using his paint-brush, Ink was capable of creating the Doodle Sphere, a structure with 350+ alternate universes that each have a theoretically infinite number of timelines. Its main source is magic paint.

The ability to float/hover: Self-explanatory.

Tier X Gaster!Blasters: like normal gaster blasters, but much more powerful.

he also has a stand and its like the strongest stand in the bizarre universe he also changes forms to other bizarre AUS

Relations (W.I.P feel free to edit)

Jojo Error sans

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