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This article contains information that is from a completed AU. All parts of the story have been released and are readable at any time.

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Kenotale is a formerly existing timeline, formed by two timelines merging with together. As such, it duplicates nearly every character, excluding Sans, which it lacked altogether, and Gaster, of whom there was only one.

Kenotale is an atypical timeline, due to lacking an actual story. It wasn't very stable to begin with. Due to its unstable code, many of its characters are self-aware, and have, in the case of Gaster, inter-universal teleportation abilities.

At the very start of its existence, Kenotale was home to a sapling of the Tree of Knowledge. The guardian of this tree manifested as a silvery-blue serpent-like dragon, with mismatched eyes of blue and red.

This being didn't have a name until it turned the tree into a form of energy, a SOUL. Then it called itself Chishiki. When beings started appearing in his world, he turned to a scientist for help protecting the remainder of the tree.

Together, they created a plan; the scientist created two beings to house the two sides of the SOUL. One of Love, and the other who's quality only ever was called Resent. Eventually, however, these beings were cast out to another place, and the timeline began to collapse inwards, eventually corrupting and deleting itself permanently.