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Labeltale is an Alternate Universe Created by Yours truly, a while ago.

Not much fanart has been created yet, So It would be an Honor if someone did me the favor of Spreading the existance of this au, Because in my opinion, over time it has become slightly good. (I Would hope.)


Labeltale, an AU Where All characters other than Papyrus, toriel, And Chara are Self aware. The existence of ask boxes Is prominent. and terrorizing. The characters are Mentally forced to obey the Anonymous characters, and be what Other people view them as, and or.. want them to be.

It follows the story of a Reset, followed by what Would be assumed to be an attempted genocide, Flowey, being the only Self aware monster in the ruins, Warns toriel and toriel warns sans, so on and so fourth. They then Kill, and get rid of FRISK. Once frisk was gone, the Anonymous Characters begged for them to let the human come back so they could watch the monsters suffer, so Sans, led an uprising. with the help of undyne. He claimed That if they Blindfolded themselves, and Stopped being who they were coded to be, they wouldn't fall into the infinite trap The other Timelines had. (this would be refering to Specific aus such as Underlust, underswap, and underfell.) And that they would no longer be controlled by creators.

Some people refer this AU as being "The true underswap." For their personalities being The opposite of what they would be expected to be. For instance, Sans Has no Care for his brother, and wouldn't hesitate to hurt anyone Who would stand in his way. ( Unlike Canon sans, who Loves his brother and would only hurt someone who's truly evil. Even giving them a chance aswell. )

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Labeltale is NOT a Swap AU. it is an AU resembling Revolution, and Freedom of right, Such as the UPRISE theme. Of course, all characters are meant to Have blindfolds, For vision Is what Allows them to interact with the Anon's. If you are to make a Labeltale ORIGINAL CHARACTER. you would need to contact the creator, or at-least ask One of the co-creators / Designers for Permission.

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Please, if you have seen The design of any of The labeltale characters, Feel free to make fanart! I would love for this to become a Bigshot au Like UF, US, Or UL. I'll make Pages for the characters eventually.

Creator tags You may Have seen Labeltale on: StxrmOfEmotions, Cxnnection, DontHugMeImDxpressed, artistofmanysouls, Oh_i_guess_im_dust_now