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"I'm... The bad guy."
– Lancer introducing himself to Kris and Susie

Lancer is a nefarious Darkner kid and minor antagonist in Chapter 1 of Deltarune. While his initial goal is to destroy the protagonists before they can reach the Eastern Fountain and seal it, he eventually joins the team and becomes a tritagonist.



Lancer is a short and rotund blue-and-white Darkner with a teardrop-shaped head and large black spade for a face. He has a large mouth, though it often appears small, and a prominent blue tongue that he usually sticks out.

According to Kris, it is difficult to tell Lancer's body from his clothes. For example, it isn't clear if Lancer is wearing a blue hooded cowl and the black spade is is a shadow, if the spade is a visor built into his hood, or if all of his "outfit" is just part of his body.


Lancer is very childish and generally immature in his behavior and speech. He is easily preoccupied with childish games and pursuits, and likes hiding things and irritating people. He generally assumes that the party will naively follow instructions on signs he writes. He has a poor sense of direction and gets lost in mazes quite easily. He can be easily intimidated by strong enemies like K. Round, although he remains calm and jovial while doing so.

Lancer values and idolizes his father, King. He tries to project a tough facade in imitation of him, hoping to be designated "son of the month," and caring for his father's well-being and approval despite being neglected. Aware that his father's subjects don't like him and only put up with him due to King's orders, he seeks real friendship and gradually becomes an ally to the party despite his initially hostile role.

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