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Laster was a twelve-year-old boy who tried to hack undertale till something happened like someone on the other side had pulled him or caused something to get him into the game as a kid he was horrified and when he woke up he cried alot till someone saw him and told him that all things are gonna be okay so laster looked at her and she told him that she is called The Reader and then she wanted a safe AU for him to live in and it would better not to be completed till she found legendtale and got him to live there.

Laster lived in legendtale for years and he was adopted by a loving family and he grew up talking to some scientists here and there and when he was 16 he realized that he could teleports from an AU to another so he liked to visit other aus and meet some scientists like W. D. Gaster who discovered his skills and how smart he is so laster worked for him for about 2 years and then returned to legendtale after he knew all about code and how it can be controlled so he decided to make legendtale perfect.

Till he knew Legend Chara and fell in love with her so he did what he can to make her happy and when she told him about her problems laster understood that she hates them so he thought the only way to make her happy is to get rid of her family and to make legendtale perfect so he started working on a strange liquid to make the reset button better and to work the way it was intended for it so when the 2nd war began he gave it to Lara and she used it.

And because of the reset and changing some codes Laster became the king and waited for Lara to be his queen but when she came she was angry so he took her to his lap to talk about she wanted to talk about and to calm her he decided to show her the result of the reset but her anger controlled her so RealityError!Sans got there and attacked her causing that strange liquid to fall on them causing the disappearance of laster and the birth of an evil entity



Laster is a white man who has a short dark purple hair and wears white trousers and short jacket in addition to a light purple shirt with some darker lines


Laster is a nice man but very cocky he has a huge self confidence that he can do anything and knows what's better for people


AU teleportation

Laster is able to control from AU to another without any problem

code manipulation

Laster is able to control codes and change it as he likes which helped him to create the reset button and some other buttons.



Laster is considered to be his father so he cares alot about RE and would do anything to help him to solve his problem and to live peacefully

Legend Chara

Laster loves her so much and would do anything for her but he thought he was able to live well and happily but caused their pain as it wasn't what she wanted

legend alphys

She was his assistant for the longest time and tried to convince him that what he was doing was wrong but laster didn't listen so he fired her


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  • Laster loves potato
  • laster is one of the smartest creatures to ever live
  • laster knows The Reader
  • Laster loves Legend Chara
  • Laster doesn't exist mentally not anymore
  • laster tried to help RealityError!Sans
  • Laster was amazed when he saw the black box for the first time
  • laster hated himself till he knew lara
  • Laster doesn't know about Ayuda despite of being his creation
  • Laster is a human from the real world but he doesn't have their strength because of the way he got into the fiction