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She was born as a symbol for peace between both humans and monsters as her father was a monster and her mother was a human she grew up hating herself as she always saw herself as a freak till she met Laster and both of them were 18 and he advised her to cut out her horns so that she seems a little more like humans but she was reluctant knowing that her parents will never let her do that but when legend asriel was born which caused the death of her mother chara got angry and filled with hatred towards her brother legend asriel and then agreed to Laster suggestion and cut out her horns which caused terrible pain to her and a problem between her and her family so she started to get away from them as she starts to fall in love with Laster more and more and met legend sans who trained her and taught her all she knew for almost one and a half year till the day when a human accused monsters of killing their queen and took use of this to begin another war against the monsters so chara decided to put her problems aside and help her family but unfortunately her father didn't allow her to help them saying that she was the symbol of peace and she must be like that forever but she didn't give up she tried to look for another way to help them so she asked Laster what to do and he suggested to end the war with that reset button which he was working on and he said it's still an experiment she took it and went to her father but she saw her family was killed by some humans so she fought them and killed them and then cried for about half an hour thinking about what she had done and she shouldn't have been angry at legend asriel or her father but then she stood and clicked the button and the place started to glitch and turned white and black so she freaked out when she saw a strange frightening short skeleton as he was slowly fading in and then she reappeared in her home so she looked for her family but she didn't find them but instead she found Laster was the king so she asked him what happened and he answered "nothing my dear some things were just made right and now we can continue to rule the whole multiverse and for that I need to show you something" as he was opening a portal to some strange place with some liquid but she got angry and attacked him saying "you betrayed us" and he said nervously "it's better to calm down and think about it first" as the liquid spilled on them and then something got out from the portal and Laster said " no reality do not attack her" but RealityError!Sans attacked her and he was about to kill her but she used her sword with the same liquid on it and strapped him and his eye causing it to crack and them the whole started to glitch and getting corrupted. The next thing chara remembers that she woke up in a different timeline seeing a flower beside her and then she looked at herself and she got surprised when she realized she was much younger as she was just 16 years old and on her hand some symbol she doesn't know and then the flower introduced himself as Bueno and then he tought her some things about the multiverse and Laster and now their goal to get legendtale back and all its people and take revenge from RealityError!Sans and when she realized how many charas exist so she decided to call herself Lara.



Lara is half a human and half a goat as she has horns which is cut out and don't appear too much because of her white hair and a little goat tail she's hiding under her white clothes as for her white jacket it has light blue lines and the trausers are white with light blue lines and a black shirt and she has a scar like W. D. Gaster on her right eye


Lara is very rushed into attacking her enemies and helping the people in need not thinking about consequences and she has in mind that she is just a clone and every time she sees a chara it reminds her so she hates them but that doesn't mean she won't help them if they need her


fire bending

Lara can create fire and control it and she is resistant to any fire magic so she likes to sets herself on fire just to look more threatening

Absolute determination

Lara is one of the most determined beings in the whole multiverse she can be the forth most after absulation frisk, 4th V!Chara and C'Death so she has buttons like reset and continue but after the destruction of her AU.

Reality blood

Lara is one of the few who is obsessed with reality blood so she won't die completely as long as RealityError!Sans is still alive.

Reality Teleportation

Lara is able to teleport anywhere in the same AU but if she got angry or out of control she would find herself teleporting anywhere in fiction without her choice and she would stay there for few minutes and get back to where she was, she gained this power because of Reality blood


She is able to create white shiny knives and control them that deals about 100 damage and she gained this power because of Reality blood

Reality sword

Laster created it out of special rare materials just for her and it was able to cut through almost anything till it was covered by reality blood and lara's determination and it became able to absorb the determination from anyone it gets into causing their quick death so it's the only weapon that can kill RealityError!Sans without destroying the black box or the antivoid.



Lara loved him once till these events but sure she wants to get him back to what she loved in him.


She hated him so much and wanted to kill him till she knew more about him then she felt sorry for him but still she needs to kill him to get her life back.

legend sans

She was his student and respected him so much till he worked for RealityError!Sans


He tought her everything she knows about how the multiverse works and more about RealityError!Sans and Oscuro.


Lara hates him so much because he is the one who prevent her from getting Laster back and he is behind all evil plans that harm her and all the existence


  • Lara's favorite fruit is mango.
  • Lara still loves Laster
  • Lara doesn't hate RealityError!Sans
  • Lara loves reading manga
  • Beuno often sits around Lara's neck
  • if Lara sneezed she would teleport to a random place in fiction
  • Lara isn't good at making friends unless they met many times
  • Lara is fond of dreamsans' work and ink's work
  • Lara feels regret about what happened to her family
  • Lara hates determination and wants to destroy it once she achieves her goal
  • Lara doesn't have any code.