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"Welcome to MTT Resort - Hotland's biggest apartment-building turned hotel!"
Diamond Receptionist

The MTT Resort is a hotel and entertainment center run by Mettaton in Hotland. It houses a dine-in restaurant and the MTT-Brand Burger Emporium, where Burgerpants works. It is directly connected to the CORE. Bratty and Catty can be found in the alley to the right of the Resort.

Main Story

If the protagonist does not kill Papyrus, Sans invites them to dinner at the Resort's restaurant, telling a story about how he contacted an old woman through the door separating the Ruins from the rest of the Underground. He says that they used to make bad jokes for a long time, and promised to her that he would protect any human entering the underground. In the True Pacifist Epilogue, the Resort is set to close indefinitely thanks to everyone leaving to the surface.


There is an elevator in the lobby that leads to New Home, but it is always either broken or in use if the player tries to use it.

There are four doors to the right of the resort requesting room service:

  • Door 1: Sea Tea - Reward: 99 G.
  • Door 2: Locked. The protagonist can sleep in this room for 200 G, yielding a similar effect to resting at Snowed Inn. However, unlike the Snowed Inn, the money will not be returned to them.
  • Door 3: Cinnamon Bun - Reward: 99 G.
  • Door 4: There is a dog behind this door. Handing over any of the listed items rewards a response, and, in most cases, an item.
    • Hot Dog - The dog repeatedly attempts to grab the Hot Dog. Reward: Hush Puppy.
    • Dog Residue - The Dog Residue slides under the door, and 2 more dog residues slide out. Reward: 2 Dog Residues.
    • Hot Cat - The dog growls at the Hot Cat, resulting in a payback. Reward: Your Hot Cat back.
    • Dog Salad - The item gets absorbed by the darkness. No reward.

In the True Pacifist Epilogue, if items were never given to doors 1 or 3, interacting with them triggers the message "Room service never came. (Sigh...)"

MTT-Brand Burger Emporium

Inside the resort is the MTT-Brand Burger Emporium, where Burgerpants can be found. Here, one can buy healing items that boost ratings during the fight against Mettaton EX.

Item Description Effect (HP) Rating points Cost
Starfait Very popular food. +14HP +300 rating points 60G
Glamburger Very popular food. +27 HP +500 rating points 120G
Legendary Hero Hero Sandwich. ATTACK UP in battle. +40 HP +300 rating points 300G
Steak in the Shape of Mettaton's Face Don't ask. Please. +60 HP +700 rating points 500G


  • There is a sign in the black void to the right of the hallway that advertises the Art Club Room.
  • The Mettaton fountain in the lobby has regular eyes instead of his usual grid-shaped screen.
  • The MTT-Brand Burger Emporium, Gerson's shop, and the Tem Shop are the only shops with working employees in the Genocide route.
  • If the protagonist moves while under the covers of the hotel room bed a funky beat plays, but only while they are moving. If they move to the edge of the bed, they slide out from beneath the blankets and fall to the floor. It is impossible to get back on the bed once the protagonist has gotten off.